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Los Angeles Times: "The Amazing Race: Shanghai Surprise"

Looking to discuss the latest episode of CBS' fantastic reality series The Amazing Race ? Head over to the Los Angeles Times /Show Tracker to read my latest piece, entitled " The Amazing Race : Shanghai Surprise," where you can read my take on the latest episode, noodles, non sequiturs, lousy taxi drivers, Ping Ping, and much more. Sound off in the comments section and be sure to come back next week as I'll be discussing each episode of The Amazing Race all season long. Next week on the season's penultimate episode of The Amazing Race ("They Don't Even Understand Their Own Language"), Caite gets closed in at a market; Dan and Jordan nearly come to blows with their taxi driver.

Channel Surfing: Chuck's Renewal Chances Looking Up, Glee Circles Britney Spears Episode, Parks and Recreation, and More

Welcome to your Monday morning television briefing. Entertainment Weekly 's Michael Ausiello is reporting that a potential fourth season of NBC's Chuck is looking more and more likely. While we shouldn't breath a collective sigh of relief just yet, Ausiello speaks to an unnamed source close to the production who tells him that it's "looking good" that NBC will renew the Warner Bros. Television-produced action-comedy for another season, bumping the series' position on the Bubble Show Scorecard from "could go either way" to "safe bet." Still, it's important to note that a final decision about Chuck 's ultimate fate at the network won't be made for several more weeks... ( Entertainment Weekly 's Ausiello Files ) Additionally, Ausiello also has a first-look video at the May 3rd episode of Chuck (entitled "Chuck Versus the Role Models"), which features an homage to Hart to Hart and features guest stars Fred Wil

The View from the Bridge: The Man From the Other Side on Fringe

"You called me dad." - Walter Bishop This week's episode of Fringe ("The Man From the Other Side"), written by Josh Singer and Ethan Gross and directed by Jeffrey Hunt, paid off many of the clues and signals we've seen building throughout the second season of Fringe , particularly those swirling around Thomas Jerome Newton and the Bishop family secrets. It was the latter that was the most heartbreaking, coming as it did on the heels of a moment of profound connection between Walter and Peter, the first time that Peter had called Walter "dad." It was a yet another tiny but emotional resonant moment in a season positively overflowing with them, offering a glimmer of happiness that would all too easily be snatched away before the end of the episode. So what did I think of this week's episode of Fringe ? Let's crank up the Rush and find out. This season, Fringe has wisely found a balance between creepy/gross/bizarre science-related myste

Switching Sides Again: Lost Questions, More on "The Last Recruit"

Welcome to what's proving to be a twice-weekly feature now that Lost only has a handful of episodes remaining before it sets sail for the island in the sky. I'll be taking a second look at this week's episode of Lost ("The Last Recruit"), which brought up so many reader questions and seemed to offer some tantalizing answers to the season's overarching mythology, I felt like it more than merited another post. While I discussed "The Last Recruit" in full over here (along with theories about Christian, the Man in Black, Sayid, Sawyer, and more) , I thought I'd answer some reader questions from the episode that arrived via comments, Twitter, or email. So, without further ado, let's prepare to board the Elizabeth and head over to Hydra Island. The War. Amanda from Michigan asked, "This war they were talking about, is it between Widmore and Smokey Locke?" Good question. That's patently unclear. All season long, battle lines ha

Great Scott: Adam Scott Talks Party Down and Parks and Recreation

There's no danger that Adam Scott will ever be the guy known only for a catch phrase in a beer commercial. The boyish-looking 37-year-old actor stars in Party Down , which returns tonight for its second season after receiving critical adoration for its first season, and he'll next be seen in NBC's Parks and Recreation beginning with the final two episodes of the season. (He then segues to a series regular role on the Universal Media Studios-produced comedy next season.) I talked to Adam Scott last month for a feature that ran earlier this week on The Daily Beast about Party Down (which can be read here ). While that feature article focused entirely on Party Down (and also featured quotes from co-creator/showrunner John Enbom and ex-Starz executive Bill Hamm), I thought I'd bring you more details from my lengthy interview with Scott a few weeks back, during which we talked about Party Down and his role on Parks and Rec , and he extracted a piece of dried apple fro

Channel Surfing: ABC to Reair Lost Pilot, No Two and a Half Men Sans Sheen, Hal Holbrook Gets Anarchy, Parks and Rec, and More

Welcome to your Friday morning television briefing. Looks like ABC is trying to make its Lost fans even happier. The Wrap's Josef Adalian is reporting that ABC has scheduled a repeat airing of its two-hour pilot for Lost , which will air Saturday, May 22nd (from 8-10 pm ET/PT), the night before the series finale of Lost , bumping the number of hours the network is devoting to lost to ten that week. The network will be airing the enhanced (read: pop-up) version of the pilot. ( The Wrap's TVMoJoe ) In other Lost -related news, tickets go on sale today at 10 am PT for Lost Live: The Final Celebration, being held May 13th at UCLA's Royce Hall. The event will feature Michael Giacchino conducting a full orchestral performance of original music from Lost , an advance screening of the penultimate episode of Lost and appearances from cast members Nestor Carbonell, Michael Emerson, and Jorge Garcia. Tickets can be purchased here or here . (via press release) is

Fame is Fleeting (But Comedy Isn't): An Advance Review of Season Two of Starz's Party Down

The employees of Party Down Catering seem to fall into two categories: those who continue to dream big and those whose dreams have gotten thrown on the ground, stomped on a few dozen times, and then set on fire for good measure. Season Two of Starz's deliciously droll comedy Party Down , created by Rob Thomas, John Enbom, Dan Etheridge, and Paul Rudd, returns tomorrow for another season of scathing satire, trenchant observation, and dark comedy. (You can read my feature article on the series here .) Despite its presence on an up-and-coming pay cable network that doesn't boast the reach of HBO or Showtime, cable's big guns would be lucky to have a comedy that's this hilarious, biting, and emotionally resonant, often all at the time same. Set nine months after the events of Season One, Party Down finds its caterers heading once more into the breach as they cater the backstage after-party for rock metal god Jackal Onassis (guest star Jimmi Simpson). Changes are afoot: