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From Across the Pond: "Jamie Oliver's Great Italian Escape"

I'm a sucker for a well-made travel program, especially when the series in question revolves around food and even more so when that show is hosted by St. Jamie himself. (That would be Jamie Oliver, the ex-Naked Chef.) When he's not at his restaurant fifteen or helping to solve the nation's school lunch dilemma (and attempt to fix the poor dietary conditions of an entire generation), he's writing cookbooks, filming television series, launching a line of cookware, and generally being an all-around culinary workhorse. Which often leaves little time for downtime with his adorable family (wife Jools and daughters Poppy and Daisy) or recharging his batteries. What Jamie needs desperately, just a hair shy of his thirtieth birthday is some new inspiration. So he does what any great chef would do. He packs up and heads off to Italy in search of new experiences and flavors. In his new series Jamie Oliver's Great Italian Escape (premiering tomorrow on Travel Channel), Jamie