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From Across the Pond: "The Robinsons"

Every once in a while, BBC America will re-air a recent program that you may have missed the first time around... or one that you'd like to TiVo as the wait for DVDs here in the States seems inexoribly long lately. One such show is the family dramedy The Robinsons , a zany and often madcap series about a long-suffering family and their even more long-suffering son. Think of it as Arrested Development Lite, but without the money and furs and carnivorous seals. As the series opens, Ed Robinson ( The Office 's Martin Freeman, here channeling a slightly more downtrodden version of Tim) is in a state of freefall: his wife ended their marriage by telling him he was useless in bed, he hates his dull job as a re-insurance agent for the marine industry, and--with nowhere else to go--he moves into his aunt's dreary apartment, while she is away on an extended vacation. When Ed begins an affair with a co-worker who gets promoted over him, she ends up dumping him as soon as she is prom