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The Daily Beast: "TiVo’s Top 20 Shows Watched Before Bed: Jimmy Fallon, Lost Girl, and More"

Just what are you watching before bed? Do you tune in to watch a 10 p.m. drama? A late-night talk show? Or reality television? At The Daily Beast, you can read my latest feature, "TiVo’s Top 20 Shows Watched Before Bed: Jimmy Fallon, Lost Girl , and More," in which I examine data obtained from TiVo about the top 20 shows that people watch before they go to bed, from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Revenge to Chopped and NCIS: LA . It’s no secret that many Americans turn on the television as part of a nighttime ritual before bed. But what is surprising is just what they’re watching before their heads hit their respective pillows. According to data provided by TiVo to The Daily Beast, the top program watched at bedtime was NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, while TBS’s Conan was the most-watched cable show before bed. “Perhaps it’s not surprising that many late-night talk shows are watched before bed,” Tara Maitra, TiVo’s general manager of content and media sales

Lost Without Lost: Jimmy Fallon Is Late

Missing Lost as much as I am this week? You're not alone. While there was no new episode of Lost this week (though, rest assured, it returns next Tuesday evening with "The Candidate"), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon sought to help us make it through our withdrawal with another installment of their Lost parody series, Late . On the latest episode of Late ("Carlton"), the survivors try to build an elevator to get off the floor, Jimmy is forced to confront his past, Higgins reunites with his father, and we learn the meaning of the mint, the goldfish, and the bathroom attendant. Missed the four previous episodes of Late ? No worry as you can watch them all below, beginning with the first. Just get your super-secret father-son handshake in order. Episode One: "Where Are We?" Episode Two: "Not Alone" Episode Three: "Who Are You?" Episode Four: "My Hairiest Adventure" Lost returns next week.