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The Daily Beast: "15 Reasons to Watch TV This Spring"

Looking for something to watch this spring? Head over to The Daily Beast, where you can read my latest piece, "15 Reasons to Watch TV This Spring," where I round up fifteen new and returning series airing this spring--from Doctor Who , V, Nurse Jackie , and Fringe to Treme, Peep Show, and Top Chef Masters , among others--as well as some major events like the end of ABC's Lost in May. What are you most looking forward to this spring and what's caught your fancy as your latest television obsession? Head to the comments section to discuss.

Mind of the Modern Man: "Peep Show" Might Just Be the Best Comedy Series Not on US Telly

I'm not quite sure why British comedy series Peep Show hasn't caught on like gangbusters here in the States. Created by Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, and Andrew O'Connor, Peep Show stars comedic duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb (of That Mitchell and Webb Look fame) as two flatmates who haven't quite come to grips with their adulthood, their manhood, or their tenuous grip on reality. BBC America aired the first two seasons of the painfully hilarious series a few years back and then stopped showing the series for some reason, even as it went on to film three additional seasons, with a sixth expected this fall and a seventh on track for next year. (Hulu, meanwhile, is currently streaming the first season of this hysterical series.) This summer, I decided to sit down and watch Peep Show 's entire five season run so far on DVD, the spoils of a trip over to the United Kingdom, in part to see if it was as good as I remembered and to find out what had happened to Mark (

From Across the Pond: "Peep Show"

Every once in a while a show comes along that makes you feel vaguely uncomfortable to be a human being. In a good way, that is. That is the joy of watching this series, from the twisted minds of The Thick of It 's Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain. Peep Show is a deliriously sordid Britcom where you can't help but squirm as you watch sad sacks Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy ( The Smoking Room 's Robert Webb) go about their pathetic ways. While the delightfully creepy theme song may have become a little more upbeat in the series' second season, Mark and Jeremy's outlook hasn't; they're just as messed up as they were last season. Mark and Jeremy are the "El Dude Brothers," two completely dysfunctional roommates who have lived together since university and who are destined to spend their lives together in a state of fitful co-dependence. Mark, a loan manager, is the more "grounded" of the two, though by grounded I mean less likely to engage in