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Test Pattern: What's Your Indispensable TV Network?

We all have the networks--whether broadcast or cable, legacy or newbie--that we gravitate to, but I was wondering this morning about so-called indispensable networks. Given that I write about television, nearly all networks could be said to be indispensable in one way or another, but what I was pondering was that one specific television channel that you can't turn away from, that you automatically switch to when you turn on the television, or which you have on as background while you're doing other things in our multi-tasking obsessed society. Many years ago, that channel was--perhaps not surprisingly for those of you who know me--Food Network, but it was replaced by BBC America around 2000 and for many years that was my go-to network, the one spot on the metaphorical dial that I could always depend on for diverting fare, soothing background noise, or a sense of the familiar and comforting. For whatever the reason, sadly, that's not the case anymore and--shock, horror--I

Is BBC America's The Choir The Anti-Glee?

It's a provocative question, really. Is BBC America's newest British reality import, The Choir , the exact opposite of FOX's musical-comedy Glee , despite the similar choral trappings? It is, in every conceivable way and that's a very good thing indeed. The Choir , which launches tonight at 10 pm ET/PT, finds plucky choirmaster Gareth Malone attempting to create a competitive choir out of a group of musical novices at a run-down comprehensive school where music isn't an important element of their education. (You can take a look at some clips from The Choir here .) With a spot at the World Choir Olympics in China on the line, Malone attempts to fashion these teens into world-class singers and teach them the joys of performing in a group. It's no small task, given that many of these teens are at-risk to begin with and none of them have any formal training. The result ends up being paradoxically gritty and uplifting, as the cameras not only follow Malone as he att

Preaching to The Choir: Inside BBC America's Musical Reality Series

Have a song in your heart but missing Glee ? Why not tune in next Wednesday evening for BBC America's latest British import, reality series The Choir ? The series follows boyish-looking choirmaster Gareth Malone as he recruits a choir from some rather unlikely places and launches next Wednesday evening here in the US. The thirteen episodes are broken down into three story pods--Northholt High School, Boys Don't Sing, and Unsung Town--each of which recounts Gareth's latest challenge in a new location. (Just think of them as three distinct mini-seasons of the same series.) Watch as Gareth tackles an average high school, an all-boys school, and a small town that's anything but a unified community. Can Gareth get these people to sing and to coalesce into a choir? Find out this summer. Not won over yet? Here's what the British press had to say about this inspirational and uplifting series: The Independent: "As profoundly a moving piece of television as has ever been

BBC America Offers Sneak Peeks of "Survivor," "The Choir," "Top Gear"

BBC America held its session today at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, offering panels on Survivors and The Choir allowing critics the opportunity to pose questions to Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear via satellite. Post-apocalyptic drama Survivors will launch on February 13th with the first two seasons airing back-to-back on Saturday nights. Top Gear Season 13 premieres Monday, January 25th at 8 pm and The Choir is set to debut later this spring. Promotional videos for BBC America's Survivors , The Choir , and Season 13 of Top Gear can be found below. Trailer: Survivors: Sneak Peak: BBC America's The Choir : Trailer: Top Gear Season 13: Stay tuned.