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Tycoons and Tantrums: An Advance Review of BBC America's "The Apprentice UK"

I had long since given up watching the US version of The Apprentice , which had come to feature more finger-waggling and The Donald's bizarro hairstyle than I really liked, so I was curious to see just what the Brits had managed to accomplish with Mark Burnett's reality format. BBC America is launching the UK version of The Apprentice , known here as Mark Burnett's The Apprentice UK , tonight with two back-to-back episodes. While these are channel premieres, astute viewers will remember that CNBC aired a batch of these episodes a few years ago before they vanished into the ether. BBC America will reair those introductory episodes as well as the entire first season of The Apprentice UK , marking a US premiere. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that The Apprentice UK is a more slick and enjoyable format than its Yankee namesake, offering an overall more taut and polished performance than the ghastly trainwreck (ahem, Celebrity Apprentice ) that the US