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Fantastically Absurd: An Advance Review of Season Three of BBC America's "That Mitchell and Webb Look"

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar. Dr. Death. The Lazy Writers. Those guys who look like Mitchell and Webb but are, um, far more conceited. These are but a few of the memorable characters created by David Mitchell and Robert Webb ( Peep Show ) on their gleefully subversive sketch comedy series, That Mitchell and Webb Look , which finally returns to BBC America after a far too long absence. As a longtime viewer and Numberwang -obsessive, I've long waited for BBC America to bring this winning series back to the airwaves in America and my high anticipation was well rewarded when I sat down last night to watch the first three episodes of Season Three of That Mitchell and Webb Look , supplied by the network for review. Along with some much beloved returning sketches including the snooker commentators as well as the aforementioned Sir Digby Chicken Caesar and Ginger and the Lazy Writers, Mitchell and Webb have cooked up some new creations in the mad lab in which they write (or, quite possibly, Da

The Daily Beast: "15 Reasons to Watch TV This Spring"

Looking for something to watch this spring? Head over to The Daily Beast, where you can read my latest piece, "15 Reasons to Watch TV This Spring," where I round up fifteen new and returning series airing this spring--from Doctor Who , V, Nurse Jackie , and Fringe to Treme, Peep Show, and Top Chef Masters , among others--as well as some major events like the end of ABC's Lost in May. What are you most looking forward to this spring and what's caught your fancy as your latest television obsession? Head to the comments section to discuss.

Horde of Angels, Come Forth: Taking a Peek at "That Mitchell and Webb Look"

Sketch comedy is an extremely difficult art form to nail effectively. When it works, it's absolutely brilliant fun (just ask any fan of BBC's subversive and absurd Little Britain ), but when it doesn't, it's absolutely painful to watch. Luckily then, BBC America's newest acquisition, That Mitchell and Webb Look , which launches this Friday evening, falls into the former category than the latter. Starring and written by Robert Webb and David Mitchell (of Peep Show and Magicians fame) in an assortment of wigs and costumes, That Mitchell and Webb Look is an uproarious collection of un-PC sketches featuring a plethora of strange and bewildering characters, most of whom you wouldn't want to meet in an alley, dark or not. They're joined in these sketches by a group of talented actors, including Olivia Coleman ( The Office, Peep Show ), James Bachman ( Saxondale, Hyperdrive ), and Patterson Joseph ( Green Wing ). In the two episodes provided for review, I've