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TV (Not) on DVD: "Spaced"

I don't know about you, but I've been salivating over the sheer possibility of an eventual US DVD release of seminal Britcom series Spaced , starring Shaun of the Dead 's Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Jessica Stevenson, Mark Heap, Katy Carmichael, and Julia Deakin. Sadly, it looks like a US release isn't in the cards... at least not any time soon. I was lucky enough to attend a screening of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's new film Hot Fuzz (if you're a fan of Shaun or of Spaced , run--don't walk--to see this hilarious film as soon as it opens in the US) this weekend. As a HUGE, slightly obsessive fan of Spaced (which recently finished airing its second and final season on BBC America), I'm always on the lookout for news on a DVD release. (I met Pegg at the BAFTA/LA Emmys tea party last summer and stunned him by even having heard of--and being a fan of-- Spaced .) However, when asked about the possibility of a Spaced DVD release, Wright gave the audience

TV (Not) on DVD Update: "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Melrose Place"

Sharpen those claws, ladies. Both Amanda and Brenda are finally coming to DVD. Since my initial post on which television series were sadly passed over for DVD treatment (" TV (Not) on DVD "), two series criminally neglected until now will in fact finally make the leap to digital. is reporting that the premiere seasons of both Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place will be released this fall on DVD. The Beverly Hills 90210 release will contain all 22 episodes from the series' freshman series, select commentary by creator Darren Star, and an interactive featurette. Melrose Place will contain all 32 episodes from Season One, as well as mini featurettes and episode recaps. And, in a stroke of flawed marketing genius, the studio is releasing both Melrose and 90210 in a set called "The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful Pack." Set would contain 14 discs (8 discs for Melrose ; 6 discs for 90210 ) and contain the same special features as the individ

TV (Not) on DVD Update: MTV's "The State"

Yet another television program thus far criminally not available on DVD might just be coming to DVD or iTunes: MTV's cult classic The State . The news coming out of San Diego's Comic Con this past weekend pegs a release for The State later this year, either on DVD, on iTunes, or both. Created by Thomas Lennon and Ben Garrant, best known for Comedy Central's Reno 911! , sketch comedy series The State ran on MTV between 1993 and 1995 and quickly garnered a cult following. ComingSoon.Net met up with Lennon and Garrant at Comic Con and they had the following to say about the possibility of a DVD release of the show: " The State at long last actually is coming out either on DVD or iTunes," Lennon told [ComingSoon.Net]. "They just rescored and we're all doing ADR," Garrant continued. "The thing that was preventing it was the music clearances," Lennon explained, "because at the time, MTV had a deal that anything with a video you could jus

TV (Not) on DVD Update: "Jonathan Creek"

Fans of British mystery series Jonathan Creek can finally retire their homemade VHS collections. Since my initial post on which television series were sadly passed over for DVD treatment (" TV (Not) on DVD "), one of my picks will in fact finally make the leap to digital. TVShowsonDVD is reporting that the first season of BBC mystery series (and Televisionary fave) Jonathan Creek , starring Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin, will be released Stateside on October 24th. The two-disc set will feature the two-hour pilot ("The Wrestler's Tomb," which co-starred a pre- Buffy Anthony Stewart Head as stage magician Adam Klaus) and the four episodes that comprise Season One ("Jack in the Box," "The Constituted Corpse," "No Trace of Tracy," and "The House of Monkeys"). The suggested retail price is $34.98. Pre-order your copy today at Amazon before Jonathan Creek: Season One , er, disappears into thin air.

TV (Not) on DVD: Part Two

Apparently, I've still got TV on DVD on the brain... Following my article on TV (Not) on DVD , I asked Televisionary readers which television series they were most anxious to have released on DVD and the answers were surprising. Quite a few votes for some of my selections (why, oh, why isn't Andy Richter Controls the Universe available yet?), and a few interesting choices as well. The general consensus is that, while lots of series have made it onto our shelves in that handy digital format, there are still quite a few beloved programs which haven't yet made the leap. I went to the source. Or, as close to the source as I could get.'s Gord Lacey is the expert on this issue and, via a rapid-fire email exhange, I asked him for some answers on what's going on with your favorite shows. Without further ado: Televisionary reader Carrie wants to know, what's the deal with Beverly Hills 90210 ? Gord Says: "Paramount/CBS announced plans to release

TV (Not) on DVD

My living room bookcases haven't known what's hit them lately, with all of the many television-on-DVD, well, DVDs, that I've been loaded them with. Yet, despite the sheer quantities that I've managed to gather, everything from Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Vicar of Dibley and Monarch of the Glen (with more than a few Justice League animated DVDs in between), there are still a few series that for whatever reason haven't quite made the jump to the digital. So which series I am most desperate to own on DVD? Below are my top five (okay, six) picks for the most criminally unavailable television series on DVD. Andy Richter Controls the Universe Whenever I ask people which television series they would most like to see on DVD, this is invariably the answer I receive and I couldn't agree more. A critically acclaimed yet short-lived Fox series (is there any other kind?), Andy Richter Controls the Universe was a zany single-camera comedy WAY ahead