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Alpha and Omega: Writer Bill Gallagher Discusses the End of AMC's "The Prisoner"

Wondering just what screenwriter Bill Gallagher intended with the ending of AMC's six-hour miniseries The Prisoner , which wrapped its run last night? You've come to the right place. I caught up with Gallagher a few weeks back when I interviewed him for a piece about The Prisoner and asked him some particular questions about the ending to the series (which I won't reveal here lest you haven't watched it yet). What did Gallagher reveal about the ending of the reimagined Prisoner ? Just what was The Village? Read on... Televisionary: The episode titles seem to sharply recall some of the titles from the original series. What attracted you to the episodes you reference? (The western-themed "Living in Harmony" or the Doppelganger-oriented "The Schizoid Man" for instance?) Bill Gallagher: Well, to be honest about that, that wasn’t my idea and that came really late in the process. It came when we were cutting the episodes and someone said, wouldn’t it be f

Talk Back: AMC's "The Prisoner"

"I am not a number, I am a free man!" You've had the chance to read my advance review of the six-hour miniseries version of The Prisoner on AMC as well as my interviews with the series' stars Jim Caviezel and Sir Ian McKellen and screenwriter Bill Gallagher and production designer Michael Pickwoad , but now that the first night of AMC's three-part miniseres has aired, I'm curious to see what you thought. Did you fall under the surreal spell of The Prisoner ? Were you captivated by the nefarious Village? Did Sir Ian McKellen steal the show? What did you make of Six's struggle for individuality in a topsy-turvy world designed to force him into assimilation? Curious to see what's happening? What are your theories about what the Village truly is? Are you finding the plot engaging, confusing, or plodding? And, most importantly, will you stick around to watch Nights Two and Three of The Prisoner ? Talk back here. Tonight on The Prisoner ("Anvil"

It Takes A Village: An Advance Review of AMC's "The Prisoner"

The Prisoner , which ran for just 17 episodes in the late 1960s, has remained an enduring example of how original and groundbreaking the medium of television can be, giving the world a surreal and often nightmarish exploration of the battle between the free will of the individual and the oppression of a tyrannical regime. It was a bit of a gambit then that AMC, in concert with UK terrestrial network ITV, would seek to remake the Cold War-tinged The Prisoner for a contemporary audience. This Sunday, AMC will launch the first two hours of its miniseries version of The Prisoner (subsequent installments air on Monday and Tuesday), written by Bill Gallagher ( Conviction ) and directed by Nick Hurran ( Bonekickers ). Jim Caviezel ( Passion of the Christ ) plays Six, a man who discovers that he is in The Village, an all-encompassing world within the desert where nothing is as it seems. His appearance there is a mystery as is Six's own past; it appears that he works for a shadowy corpora

AMC Announces Launch Date for Limited Series "The Prisoner"

Cabler AMC has announced that its six-hour limited series event The Prisoner , starring Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellan, will launch on Sunday, November 15th at 8 pm ET/PT. The cabler will air three two-hour installments over three consecutive nights, with subsequent installments airing on Monday, November 16th and Tuesday, November 17th. In this remake of the classic British cult series, Jim Caviezel ( The Passion of the Christ ) plays Number Six, a man who finds himself the unwitting titular prisoner of The Village, a strange and surreal settlement overseen by the nefarious Number Two, played by Ian McKellan ( Lord of the Rings ). The Prisoner also stars Jamie Campbell-Bower ( The Twilight Saga: New Moon ) as Number 11-12, Hayley Atwell ( Brideshead Revisited ) as Number 41-5, Lennie James ( Jericho ) as Number 147, and Ruth Wilson ( Suburban Shootout ) as Number 313. The Prisoner was written by Bill Gallagher ( Conviction ) and directed by Nick Hurran ( Little Black Book ). Here'

Invisible Chains: AMC Brings "The Prisoner" to Comic-Con

"You only think you're free." Now that the crazed fan-demonium of Comic-Con '09 has finally died down, this might be an opportune time to praise AMC for offering up a classy and intelligent presentation for their upcoming remake of the landmark sci-fi series The Prisoner . AMC's six-hour mini-series version of The Prisoner will air over three consecutive nights in November, and judging from the nine-minute preview screened during the panel, it has the potential to be one of the most talked-about television events of the Fall season. Candidly speaking, I went into panel with a great deal of skepticism after having read an extremely mediocre pilot script several years ago. What a splendid surprise it was to discover then how the project has evolved in the capable hands of writer Bill Gallagher (BBC's Conviction ), who talked at length during the panel about the challenges of adapting such a complex work. However unlike that early draft I read (which oddly enoug