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Failing Grade for CBS' "The Class"

Sitcoms are tricky things nowadays, what with the push-and-pull between single-camera and traditional multi-camera, lowbrow yet commercially successful fare like According to Jim versus nearly serialized cerebral comedies like Arrested Development . It's an odd time for traditional situation comedies, which many have said are clinging on for dear life. Enter CBS' answer to that ongoing dilemma in the form of The Class , the new sitcom created by Friends creator David Crane and Mad About You 's Jeffrey Klarik, which seems a blend of both new, modern comedy storytelling and traditional sitcom setup, along with a 30-minute advertisement for thrown in for good measure. While CBS was generous enough to send me the first three episodes of The Class , I have to admit that I was only able to get through the pilot (and barely at that). The Class seems a throwback to the mid-90s where comedies about twenty-somethings were all the rage. In this case, they might not b