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Try Some True Reality TV: Showtime Gets it Right with "This American Life"

It's funny how far we've gotten away from actual reality in our TV shows. In a day and age where we're inundated by so-called "reality television," in the form of shows where people fight for a million dollars on a deserted island or battle to become a top model (or top chef or designer...), watching Showtime's new series This American Life is a wake up call of sorts. After all, this is true reality television, in the very best sense of the word. Based on the much beloved National Public Radio series hosted by the soft spoken and erudite Ira Glass , This American Life is a collection of everyday people's stories, group together each week into a singular theme. It's a true vox populi, a confessional of sorts and it brings together a disparate group of people you would never have the opportunity to meet. On This American Life , Ira Glass and his team spend six months traveling the country in search of touching, heartbreaking, and/or humorous stories f