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Motherland's Cold Embrace: An Advance Review of Small Island on PBS' Masterpiece Classic

"One should respect his motherland, his culture and his mother tongue because they are givers of happiness." - Rig Veda Adapted from Andrea Levy's novel of the same name, the lyrical and profound Small Island --airing the next two Sundays as part of PBS' Masterpiece Classic --recounts the struggle of two very different couples, bound by a invisible web of fate, who attempt to reconcile their own notions of the motherland and the reality of their circumstances. Set during and immediately after World War II in London, two-part drama Small Island --adapted by Paula Milne ( Endgame ) and Sarah Williams ( Becoming Jane ) and directed by John Alexander ( Sense & Sensibility )--explores the imaginary landscape of the motherland, the promise of its embrace, and its cold reception towards those who might be willing to lay down their lives to her defense but whose skin color makes them outcasts. For Jamaican schoolmistress Hortense ( Pirates of the Caribbean 's Naomie H