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When Bad Things Happen to Good Pilots: ABC's Edgar Floats

It was inevitable, really. One of the quirkier pilots this season, ABC's Edgar Floats is getting reconceived . It's a shame as the pilot, from creator Rand Ravich ( Life ) was one of the few beacons of hope (and creativity) in a season that's otherwise overflowing with formulaic procedurals and tired professional-based genres (doctor, lawyer, cop) rather than genuine originality. Other than Robert Patrick, the entire cast--including the perfectly cast Tom Cavanagh and Alicia Witt--will be replaced and the potential series--which received an order for six additional scripts--will likely be refashioned to be less edgy, less quirky, less smart. In other words, all of the very things that made it stand out from the pack in the first place. I had the chance to watch the original pilot for Edgar Floats a few weeks back (after loving the pilot script) and instantly fell head over heels in love with it, raving about the shot pilot on Twitter and to anyone I happened to be talking