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Channel Surfing: Freddie Prinze Jr. Dons Cape for "No Heroics," Bloodgood Subs in for Esposito, Sherry Stringfield Gets "Back," "Rome," and More

Welcome to your Thursday morning television briefing. Freddie Prinze Jr. ( Freddie ) has been cast as one of the leads in ABC's US remake of UK comedy series No Heroics . In the ABC Studios-produced pilot, Prinze will play Bradley (a.k.a. Ultimatum), a cocky celebrity superhero with no shortage of women, arrogance, or grade-school quips. He joins the already cast Paul Campbell, Eliza Coupe, and Arielle Kebbel. ( Hollywood Reporter ) Just days after announcing that Samantha Who? star Jennifer Esposito had been cast in USA's Burn Notice , the actress has dropped out of the role. No reason was given for Esposito's departure from the series, where she was to have played Miami police detective Michelle Paxon, a new adversary for Jeffrey Donovan's Michael Weston. Stepping in to replace Esposito: Moon Bloodgood ( Journeyman ), who will assume the role of Michelle. Production on Burn Notice 's third season is currently underway. ( Entertainment Weekly 's Ausiello Files

UPDATED: "Jericho" Not Dead, After All

Perhaps fan campaigns to save doomed series do really work after all. CBS is said to be in talks to resurrect cancelled drama Jericho , which it axed at the end of the post-apocalyptic drama's sole season last month, thanks to the efforts of some devoted viewers. The Hollywood Reporter indicates that CBS is considering bringing back the slaughtered series for a seven-episode midseason run. One hurdle, however: getting Jericho 's cast, including star Skeet Ulrich, to sign up for a second tour of duty. The network does have all of the actors under option (most nets typically retain options on their series' actors through July), however those deals would have to be changed due to the truncated Season Two structure. Bottom line: Jericho fans, don't expect all of your favorite characters to return next year, should CBS be able to reach a deal with sister studio CBS Paramount. UPDATE: CBS has confirmed that they have in fact ordered those seven additional episodes of Jeric

Scaling the Walls of "Jericho": An Early Look at the Winter Premiere

One show that I am constantly getting emails about is CBS' post-nuclear drama Jericho , which always prompts the question as to why I don't ever seem to mention the series. (For the record: I did watch the pilot last May and caught the second episode when it premiered last fall, but never fell under its spell.) So when CBS offered me the opportunity to take a look at Jericho 's winter premiere (airing February 21st), I knew just who to turn to: Televisionary reader Brock (an LA insider himself), who has been hounding me via email about how I keep neglecting the show. I invited Brock over to Televisionary HQ to watch the Jericho screener and here's what he had to say. (There are some spoilers lurking in the below, so be forewarned.) When we last left off, eight weeks have gone by and Jericho is isolated from the rest of the world. Prodigal son Jake (Skeet Ulrich) was about to make a move on his ex-girlfriend Emily (Ashley Scott), when her thought-to-be-dead husband arri