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Talk Back: CW's "Stylista"

How many of you tuned in to watch the CW's latest fashion-related reality competition series, Stylista , last night? By now you've not only read my advance review of the first two episodes of Stylista but had a chance to catch the premiere episode yourself. So I'm curious to know: what did you think? Did you fall for Stylista 's charms or did you think it was too much of a reality version of Devil Wears Prada ? Did you think that Elle magazine editor Anne Slowey was out-bitched by contestant Megan? How much longer can Kate (a.k.a. "Boobs") last in this competition with seemingly every other participant rooting against her? And the biggest question of all: will you tune in again next week? Talk back here. Next week on Stylista ("Hidden Gems"), the editor wannabes are tasked with dressing mannequins using specific fashion points and are also separated into teams and asked to find a "hidden gem" in Chinatown and write it up for the magazine.

Fashion Victims and Victors: An Advance Look at CW's "Stylista"

I wasn't going to write about Stylista today but I couldn't resist. After all, it's Monday morning so it's likely than many of us are undercaffeinated and in dire need of cheering up. I'll admit that my expectations for Stylista , the CW's new fashion-focused reality competition series from executive producers Tyra Banks, Ken Mok, Jane Cha, Desiree Gruber, and Eli Holzman, were slightly low. While I thought that, if done right the series could be a fun popcorn diversion from the stress of Amazing Race and the high-stakes runway risk of Project Runway , it could also turn out to be nothing more than a hastily clothed reality remake of The Devil Wears Prada . It's turns out that I was kind of right on both counts. While Stylista definitely takes the majority of its cues from The Devil Wears Prada (hell, Anne Slowey breezes in with nary a smile or greeting for the receptionist at Elle as she tosses her her coat), I do have to say that it is pretty damn fun