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Talk Back: Series Premiere of ABC's "V"

They have arrived.

You read my advance review of the pilot episode of ABC's sci-fi series V but now that the series has launched, I'm curious to see what all of you thought of the first episode. (You can also read my post-air thoughts on the first episode of V over at the Los Angeles Times/Show Tracker site.)

Did you love the arrival scene where the Visitors descended on Earth and then broadcast their message of "hope" and "peace"? Did you think that Elizabeth Mitchell made a kick-ass FBI agent and single mom? Happy to (nearly) see a reunion between former Firefly co-stars Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin? Enjoying the Vs' use of propaganda and devotion in their arsenal? Liking the updated elements, such as the sleeper cells, human resistance force, and the fact that the Vs have been on Earth for decades already? Were you surprised by the reptilian reveal behind two characters' fleshy facades? Curious about the Vs' master plan?

And, most importantly, will you tune in again next week?

Talk back here.

Next week on V ("There Is No Normal Anymore"), Erica and Father Jack find themselves being tracked by a "Seeker" from the V's; Chad, thinking he blew it for 80 million viewers with his exclusive first interview with Anna, looks to pick himself up and becomes more investigative in his next newscast; Dale Maddox's wife and law enforcement begin questioning Erica about his whereabouts.


yellow said…
In the words of Edgar Allan Poe:
Ivy Gabrielle said…
I watched the pilot last night and it definitely caught my interest. I didn’t watch the original so I have no comparisons to make but from what I saw last night, I think the show has got a future. I think what’s most intriguing about it has to do with the ultimate question: What do they REALLY want? Water and minerals in exchange for technological advances, universal health care, ‘HOPE’? It’s interesting because it has modern-day issues mixed in with the fascination of “Vs”.

I love the dynamic between Chad and Anna. That scene where Anna turns her head to look back at him after their brief encounter was just WOW. I can’t decide if she ‘wants’ to kiss or kill him. I’ll be tuning in to see what Chad decides to do from here on out. Will he choose to fight back for his integrity or will he continue to compromise for the sake of his own career?

I also want to see what happens with Erica and her son. You can definitely see a rift forming between the two. Can Erica save her son before it’s too late?
Unknown said…
I like how they've changed it from the original. (Yes, I'm dating myself horribly.) Having the Vs (every apostrophe error I see on the show gives me the shivers) be the force behind the instability in the world is a great gimmick. It's good they seem to have kept the civil war thread from the original though.

Sidebar: I recorded the re-airing of the original pilot, but I doubt I'll watch the whole thing. Cheesy dialog, bad hair, cheap sets. Yikes. It was great back then though.

I'll tune in again for sure.
Anonymous said…
i haven't seen the original but i did enjoy last night's show. it definitely had me wanting to find out more and i will be watching the next installment.

i did find the obvious parallels with our recent political environment quite intriguing. (hope? change? universal healthcare? blind devotion of the young and impressionable?)
OldDarth said…
It was OK. Preferred the slow buildup of the original. The alien reveal was very lame. Missed the gerbil scene.
AskRachel said…
I think it has a lot of potential. The cast is stellar and there's good chemistry between them. Looking forward to seeing more...
Beccity98 said…
Ummm...did anyone else wonder what they're doing with our water? Unless they're putting it back, they cannot have it. Scientifically, they can't. The earth has the same amount of water now that it had thousands of years ago. You can't just take it. If this were to really happen, there would most likely be weeks of scientific research before allowing or not allowing any aliens to use our water. Little disappointed.

Also, why did the group just leave the alien bodies there? Without the bodies as proof, you're just a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists.
Unknown said…
@Beccity98: I ignored the water part and focused on the mineral part. You're right that taking our water would be absurd. Plus--and I don't remember my astronomy too well--isn't there frozen water on other planets/moons in our solar system (or others)? Of course, I 'spose that's true of this mystery mineral, too.

Leaving the bodies bugged me, too. With all the cell phones, why didn't someone take a video and post it on YouTube??

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