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TV (Not) on DVD: "Spaced"

I don't know about you, but I've been salivating over the sheer possibility of an eventual US DVD release of seminal Britcom series Spaced, starring Shaun of the Dead's Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Jessica Stevenson, Mark Heap, Katy Carmichael, and Julia Deakin.

Sadly, it looks like a US release isn't in the cards... at least not any time soon.

I was lucky enough to attend a screening of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's new film Hot Fuzz (if you're a fan of Shaun or of Spaced, run--don't walk--to see this hilarious film as soon as it opens in the US) this weekend.

As a HUGE, slightly obsessive fan of Spaced (which recently finished airing its second and final season on BBC America), I'm always on the lookout for news on a DVD release. (I met Pegg at the BAFTA/LA Emmys tea party last summer and stunned him by even having heard of--and being a fan of--Spaced.)

However, when asked about the possibility of a Spaced DVD release, Wright gave the audience that precious old gem about music clearance issues. Specifically, what's preventing a US release is the clearing of just five or six music tracks.

While Wright could simply remove the offending songs and replace them with music that could more easily be cleared, he and Pegg (who co-wrote the series with co-star Jessica Stevenson) have agreed that they would rather continue pursuing clearance rather than exchanging the tracks, which they feel are instrumental (no pun intended) to the plot.

So until those tracks clear, we're not getting Spaced on DVD anytime soon. Unless one buys a multi-region DVD player, that is.



Anonymous said…
Damn! I wish I knew there was a screening of FUZZ this weekend. I am dying to see it. I love SPACED and I can't believe that it's still not out on DVD but that makes sense given the music situation.
The CineManiac said…
I had to opportunities to go see Hot Fuzz this weekend, through both Geek Magazine at the Aero and through Screenwriting magazine, unfortunately my parents came into town and I missed both, I would have loved to have seen this with Pegg, Wright, and Frost in attendance, oh well I'll wait until it comes out.
As for Spaced I've missed it airing, but I will love to catch anything these guys have been involved in. So I think I'll check it out.
jgodsey said…
dont' forget that Spaced was produced y the same folks who did Black Books. all of which are the only REASON you need to buy a multiregion player off ebay.
Bill said…
I hate music clearing stuff. I still want my giant box set with six seasons of Larry Sanders.

Also, I've always wanted to check out Spaced, but I can't get BBC America, so this one bugs me a lot too. I might be able to get an expat friend to pick me up a copy, though.
Anonymous said…

Log onto this site and you can see the first two seasons of Spaced as well as a ton of other things. Use it right and Google can be your bitch too.
Anonymous said…
I saw a trailer for Hot Fuzz over the weekend, while on holiday in Alberta. I want to see that movie, but I don't think it will show in my city in Saskatchewan (it has a small theatre). I might have no choie but to wait until it's on cable, or drive to Regina
Anonymous said…
Damn I really want Spaced to come to dvd. Stupid music.

Can't wait to see Hot Fuzz!

But I did get to spend some time w/a Spaced cast member. I watched the completely delightful Kinky Boots, co-starring Nick Frost. :)
Anonymous said…
Damn. Why is it that music stuff holds up every single DVD release I am looking forward to? At least Twin Peaks Season 2 finally came out...
Anonymous said…
It's so frustrating when things can't be released because of music clearance! I'm hoping with "Hot Fuzz" coming out and Simon and Edgar's popularity growing that they'll get a move on taking care of the clearance so "Spaced" can be released.

BTW, I also saw a preview of "Hot Fuzz" this weekend and it was hilarious!
Anonymous said…
I don't know why people constantly go on about having to buy region free dvd players. Every modern dvd player can be made region free by punching a code (which can be found on the internet) into the remote. I'm in the UK and order American dvd's all the time, as do my friends.
Anonymous said…
Spaced will be released on DVD Region 1 for US/Canada on 7/23/08

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