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Paley Festival Announces "Dollhouse," "Dr. Horrible" Panels

While the full schedule won't be released until Wednesday, February 18th, the Paley Center for Media has offered yet another tease at two panels that will be presented as part of the 2009 William S. Paley Television Festival (a.k.a. PaleyFest 09). Joss Whedon will present not one but two panels this year as Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible are expected to be a part of the lineup for the 26th annual television festival, along with the previously announced panels for Fringe and True Blood . Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Zach Whedon, Felicia Day, and Jed Whedon are already confirmed and will participate in the Dr. Horrible panel, along with other members of the creative teams for both Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible . (What's a Dr. Horrible panel without the titular villain himself?) The all-inclusive PaleyFest09 Premium Festival Pass is available now at and include one guaranteed ticket for premium seating each night, access to Festival events, free parking, concessio

Playing with Dolls: Talking to "Dollhouse" Creator Joss Whedon

One of the most eagerly anticipated series of the year involves mind-wiped dolls who are imprinted with various personalities, skills, and flaws. And, no, I'm not talking about the latest iteration of Bravo's Real Housewives franchise but rather the sci-fi action series Dollhouse , from Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon, which launches Friday, February 13th. Just don't expect any song-and-dance routines along with the high-flying stunts and motorcycle chases. "No, I’m not planning a Dollhouse musical just yet," said writer/executive producer Joss Whedon. But before we tackle what Joss had to say about FOX's Dollhouse , I am sure many of you are curious to know if there is any update about the rumored big-screen version of Buffy . "Yes," said Whedon. "There is not going to be one... I think that’s pretty much it. Nobody has ever broached the subject from the studio side. I think everybody is busy working, so I think that it pr

Channel Surfing: "Caprica" DVD Takes Off in March, Pay Raise for "Burn" Star, CW Takes Bite Out of "Vampire Diaries," Pilot News, and More

Welcome to your Friday morning television briefing. It looks like Caprica will be heading to our screens sooner than we originally thought... or the two-hour backdoor pilot will be, anyway. Sci Fi Channel announced that it will make Caprica 's pilot available as a limited-edition DVD on April 21st with an uncut and unrated version, ahead of the series' 2010 broadcast launch. Additionally, the film will be available for digital download at select online destinations. (Having already seen the pilot, I can say that it will definitely please BSG fans while also offering a glimpse into a series that's vastly different than anything we've seen so far on Battlestar Galactica .) "Ever since fans first caught wind of the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica , they have been eagerly following its development," said Mark Stern, Executive Vice President, Original Programming for SCI FI & Co-Head Original Content, Universal Cable Productions. "We wanted to g

FOX Gets Retro with "Dollgrind" Ad

I have to say that I am loving FOX's new Grindhouse -inspired Dollgrind campaign for its Friday night "dames of deception" two-hour block of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse , which launch on February 13th. If you've missed the fantastically retro ad campaign, which harks back to 1970s exploitation-style flicks and features Terminator 's Summer Glau and Dollhouse 's Eliza Dushku, fret not, as you can watch the teaser trailer in full after the jump. What do you think? Does the ad make you want to tune in to the two-hour block? Did you find it clever or funny? Did you laugh at the horribly dubbed Spanish bit? Discuss.

Channel Surfing: Kranz Talks "Dollhouse" Attic, Zahn and Dickens Circle HBO's "Treme," Faux Peacock Fall Schedule, and More

Welcome to your Wednesday morning television briefing. The Los Angeles Times has an interesting and revealing Q&A with Dollhouse 's Fran Kranz, who plays techie Topher on the FOX drama, which launches next Friday. Kranz reveals, "There is a place in the Dollhouse called the Attic that stores failed Dolls and personalities. There’s like a whole warehouse where actual bodies are kept." As for the, uh, unconvention post-order redevelopment surrounding Dollhouse , Kranz is forthcoming. "I’ve read things where Joss has said that... Fox wanted to cut to the chase," he said. "They thought there was too much on the characters within the Dollhouse and the conflict and mythology of the Dollhouse, as opposed to seeing what the Dollhouse does on a day-to-day basis. In one sense, I think it’s a good thing. I think it’s important for the audience to define the Dollhouse before they’re introduced to the rest of the conflicts and stories." ( Los Angeles Times )

"Prison Break" to End and Other News from FOX's TCA Panel

Yesterday's FOX panel at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour wasn't filled with too many surprises (did we really need to find out what Kiefer Sutherland's exercise regimen entails?) but there were a few revelations in store for attendees, most of which came from FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly. (Those of you who were following my Twitter feed during the panel can attest to some shocking/funny/bizarre moments throughout the day, including when Reilly described NBC as "the crazy ex-wife that I can't get away from." Those of you who weren't following the feed: shame on you!) Chief among the revelations: Reilly claiming that the network would "let [ Dollhouse ] play out for 13 episodes" and that FOX would end Prison Break at the end of this season. "Creatively, the show is just played out," said Reilly. "Creatively, everybody feels enough stories were told. We want it to finish strong and not just gimp o

Channel Surfing: ABC Schedule Still Missing "Daisies," Whedon Talks "Dollhouse," Grammer Returns with New Pilot, and More

Welcome to your Wednesday morning television briefing. Still no word on when--if ever--ABC will air the three remaining installments of Pushing Daisies . "They are not scheduled to air right now," creator Bryan Fuller told Entertainment Weekly 's Michael Ausiello, "and that's all we know." Rest assured, I'm also trying to get to the bottom of this. ( Entertainment Weekly 's Ausiello Files ) The Futon Critic's Brian Ford Sullivan has a new interview with Joss Whedon about his upcoming FOX drama Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible , in which Whedon discusses the lure of television, the genesis of Dollhouse (over lunch with Eliza Dushku), and ditching the original pilot. "This won't be the second episode because this isn't what the network wants, this isn't the kind of show they want," says Whedon. "This is something you could do two years in when everybody's familiar with it and you don't have to explain it. I always h

Channel Surfing: Lawsuits Aplenty with "Gilmore Girls" and "Two and a Half Men," Cassidy No Longer "Privileged," and More

Welcome to your Monday morning television briefing. I'm still recovering from the, er, excesses of the past holiday week and still have a stack of screeners to get through before the New Year. Paging GOB Bluth: Will Arnett is ready to reunite with his Arrested Development co-stars for the big screen debut of the Bluth clan as Ron Howard and Mitch Hurwitz rally the troops. "It’ll be fun to get back together with everybody and work on it,” says Arnett. “It’s been so long now, we almost have to do it. It’s like we have to finish the joke.” Arnett meanwhile offers his trademark comedic spin on the Arrested film in an amusing jab at the state of the economy. ( Entertainment Weekly 's Hollywood Insider ) Dexter 's Lauren Velez will guest star in a multiple-episode story arc on ABC's Ugly Betty this season; she'll play Elena, a nurse who becomes entangled in the lives of the Suarez clan. POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING: Details are sketchy but there is word that she is

Channel Surfing: Echo Forgets in "Dollhouse" Clip, "Gavin & Stacey" Cast Talk, "Prison Break", and More

Welcome to your Monday morning television briefing. This being the week of Christmas, look for the television programming news to be light but we do have a few headlines to discuss. I spent the weekend catching up on some screener-viewing (episode 203 of Damages , for example) and preparing for the hols this week. Entertainment Weekly 's Michael Ausiello has a sneak peak clip of Joss Whedon's latest drama, Dollhouse , which launches Friday, February 13th on FOX. In the two-minute clip, Echo (Eliza Dushku) has her imprinted memories wiped by Fran Kranz's Topher, who then engages in a philosophical discussion about the nature of his work with Echo's handler Boyd (Harry Lennix). Does it make you rethink your position on the series? Are you more or less excited to see it now? ( Entertainment Weekly 's Ausiello Files ) The Guardian has a brand-new interview with the oh-so-talented cast of British import comedy Gavin & Stacey , including James Corden and Ruth Jones

Channel Surfing: FOX to Exhibit "Glee" This Spring, Espenson Defends "Dollhouse," Pink Slips at CBS Par,

Welcome to your Tuesday morning television briefing from another spectacularly grey morning in Los Angeles. I'm still recovering from last night's excesses, which included drinks in West Hollywood with not one but two writers/co-executive producers from Battlestar Galactica , followed by more drinks and dinner with a friend in Culver City. Whew. FOX has ordered 13 episodes of one-hour comedy Glee , from co-writer/director/executive producer Ryan Murphy ( Nip/Tuck ) and 20th Century Fox Television, and hopes to launch the series as early as this spring. "Like anything Ryan does, it's got creative ambition," said Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly. "I saw the same look in his eyes that I saw when he pitched Nip/Tuck (at FX). It takes some tonal chances, and should generate a tremendous amount of buzz and interest." Series follows the pitfalls and travails of a Spanish teacher (Matthew Morrison) who attempts to reinvigorate the sagging high school g

Channel Surfing: Graham Lands ABC Comedy, Whedon Admits He Would Have Put "Dollhouse" on Fridays Too, Shenkman Checks into Seattle Grace, and More

Welcome to your Friday morning television briefing. Former Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham is returning to television. ABC has given a put pilot commitment to an untitled comedy about a self-help guru (Graham) who teaches other women how to live a stress-free life but can't follow her own teachings when she's dumped by her boyfriend. Project, from Sony Pictures Television, Hagada Hey, and Tantamount, is written by Alex Herchlag ( Will & Grace ) and will be executive produced by Herschlag, Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, and Mitch Hurwitz. ( Variety ) Joss Whedon says that a Friday night timeslot is "a better fit" for his upcoming FOX drama Dollhouse , which has been plagued with bad buzz ahead of its February debut, but admits that Dollhouse wouldn't likely attract huge numbers in its launch. "They’re bringing down expectations regarding how big of an audience they think it will bring in the beginning," said Whedon of FOX executives, "and

Channel Surfing: ABC Writes Its Own "Fables," Seven Reasons Why "Dollhouse" is Doomed, and More

Welcome to your Monday morning television briefing. I'm still exhausted after a weekend filled with holiday walks, holiday drinks, and, well, more holiday drinks. But I rallied myself last night for the Amazing Race season finale and another superlative episode of BBC America's Skins , which only has two installments left this season. Hold onto your hats, fanboys and girls: ABC has given a put pilot commitment to Fables , a series adaptation of the popular DC comics title about characters from various fairy tales who live in exile in modern-day Manhattan. Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner ( Six Degrees ) will write the pilot script and executive produce, though no word on which characters from the comic will turn up in the series other than Snow White and Big Bad Wolf. David Semel ( Heroes ) will direct the pilot for the Warner Bros. TV project, which had been previously set up at NBC during the 2006-07 development season with Craig Silverstein attached to write. ( Hollywood Re