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What I'll Be Watching This Fall

With the network upfronts completed and the fall schedules all in order (for now anyway; NBC is rumored to be already looking to move Studio 60 out of its tough timeslot), I decided to sit down and look at what shows I'll be watching this fall. While I can't guarantee that I'll stick around for more than a few (or even one) episode of many of these series, below are the new and returning shows that have at least piqued my interest. Though as the pilots start making their way to my office, this list could begin to change drastically. (In fact, it already has. Since I started writing this, I watched the pilot for Heroes and, well, let's just say... you should look for my review on Monday.) monday 9 pm: Heroes (NBC) Take one part Lost , one part Uncanny X-Men , and two parts Rising Stars and you sort of get the idea behind this serialized drama about ordinary people who suddenly discover they have extraordinary powers. It has an amazing cast, including Milo Ventimig

Brains Triumph Over Brawn on This "Race"

TTOW ! As if I would let BJ and Tyler's win on The Amazing Race go without comment! While last night was a rather crowded television night in my house ( Race finale, Lost , Top Chef , etc.), my girlfriend and I were very careful to schedule our televisionary jaunts around the two-hour Amazing Race finale. Who would cross the finish line first: the evil but lucky frat boys, the earnest if a little excitable hippies, or the likeable but prone-to-getting-lost Ray and Yolanda? (Congrats, BTW, Yolanda on your engagement, but Ray, couldn't you have picked a better way to propose than live on the Early Show?) I was overjoyed and exhilarated to see that the hippies triumphed over the misogynistic frat boys... who, truth be told, aren't even frat boys at all; they're college dropouts, a fact that Phil seemed to be rubbing in Eric and Jeremy's faces. So I was thrilled for the well-traveled and hirsute polyglots when the final challenge came down to a joint memory/flags

Messages in a Bottle: LOST Thoughts #10

So that's what Walt's been up to... I was a little bit worried that after all of this, we'd never see the little rugrat again. But, cast your worries away, Walt is definitely alive, still on the island, and still played by the talented Malcolm David Kelley. Whew. On last night's episode of Lost ("Three Minutes"), Michael finally caught a glimpse of the missing Walt, Claire and Charlie shared a moment, Vincent played doggie mailman, Eko moved into the swanky bachelor pad that is the hatch, and Sayid proved that it wasn't just his swarthy good looks that made him such a good military officer. Michael is determined to rally a group together to go after Walt and hysterically insists that they need to leave right now. Just them--Michael, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley--and no one else and they need to leave immediately. Ana-Lucia and Libby's bodies still lay on the floor; they haven't even been buried yet. Hurley is beside himself and Jack finally i

Upfronts Scorecard: The CW

Sniffle. Welcome to the very last day of network upfronts week! It's with a little sadness that that we come to the end of the line as the last of the networks finish making their announcements about their fall schedules today. No fall schedule has been as scrutinized or been the subject of as much guesswork and conjecture as the CW's. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the WB and UPN netlets, the CW has emerged as a blend of the two fallen networks and has had the arduous task of combining two very different lineups into one cohesive package while also adding some new programs into the mix. So, have they succeeded? Find out below... The CW's OFFICIAL SCHEDULE FOR FALL 2006-2007 MONDAY 8-9 pm: 7th Heaven 9-10 pm: RUNAWAY TUESDAY 8-9 pm: Gilmore Girls 9-10 pm: Veronica Mars WEDNESDAY 8-9 pm: America's Next Top Model 9-10 pm: One Tree Hill THURSDAY 8-9 pm: Smallville 9-10 pm: Supernatural FRIDAY 8-10 pm: WWE Friday Night Smackdown SUNDAY 7-7:30 pm: Ev

Upfronts Scorecard: FOX

Sniffle. Welcome to the very last day of network upfronts week! It's with a little sadness that that we come to the end of the line as the last of the networks finish making their announcements about their fall schedules today. While all eyes are on the CW to see what Moonves and Ostroff, the little mad scientists, have cooked up in the their lab for a joint WB-UPN schedule, FOX will also unveil their fall schedule later today... and as usual(at least for recent years) provided two schedules: one for fall, the other for spring. Why, isn't that convenient? FOX's president of entertainment Peter Liguori made the announcement and had the following to day about FOX"s schedule: "This is the broadest, most stable and most vibrant schedule we've ever presented - one that is sure to help us further our lead as the No. 1 network in key demos. Once again, we'll kick off with early premieres to eventize our launches and establish our series before baseball. We'

Dancing with the Upfronts 5: Wednesday's Pilot Roundup

Welcome back to what will likely be the last installment of Dancing with the Upfronts, as I attempt to decipher the rumors and facts of the network series orders, renewals, and cancellations before the last of the networks' fall schedules are unveiled to advertisters and the public tomorrow. Before then, sit back and enjoys today's latest series news. Don't forget to check back here often for updates, as we continue to unveil the fall schedules and debunk some renewal myths. (Updated at 10:30 am PST) CW The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are confirming yesterday's rumors that Veronica Mars and One Tree Hill will in fact cross over onto the new CW network, along with new dramas Runaway , Girlfriends spin-off The Game , and the Kevin Williamson-created mid-season replacement Palm Springs . However, WB drama Everwood will not be found on the combined fall sked, nor will pilot Aquaman , originally thought to be a lock for an order. CW will also be home to UPN s

Upfronts Scorecard: CBS

Welcome to Day Three of network upfronts week! The past few weeks of conjecture and rumor will finally be dissipated as the networks officially announce their fall schedules to advertisers in New York over the next few days. As NBC unveiled their schedule on Monday and ABC announced their fall schedule yesterday, it's first place network CBS's turn to shine today. CBS's OFFICIAL SCHEDULE FOR FALL 2006-2007 MONDAY 8-8:30 pm: How I Met Your Mother 8:30-9 pm: THE CLASS 9-9:30 pm: Two and a Half Men 9:30-10 pm: Old Christine 10-11 pm: CSI: Miami TUESDAY 8-9 pm: NCIS 9-10 pm: The Unit 10-11 pm: SMITH WEDNESDAY 8-9 pm: JERICHO 9-10 pm: Criminal Minds 10-11 pm: CSI: New York THURSDAY 8-9 pm: Survivor: Cook Islands 9-10 pm: CSI 10-11 pm: SHARK FRIDAY 8-9 pm: Ghost Whisperer 9-10 pm: Close to Home 10-11 pm: NUMB3RS SATURDAY 8-10 pm: Crimetime Saturday 10-11 pm: 48 Hours Mystery SUNDAY 7-8 pm: 60 Minutes 8-9 pm: The Amazing Race 9-10 pm: Cold Case 10-11 p