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Sneak Peek at "Top Chef: New York" Finale

Bravo's Top Chef: New York might not be airing its season finale in New Orleans until tomorrow night, but you can catch, not one, but three sneak peeks at the season finale ("Season Finale, Part Two") below, thanks to the good folks at Bravo. Here's what the cabler had to say about the Top Chef: New York season finale: "It's do or die for Carla, Hosea, and Stefan, and now all they have to do is complete one very simple challenge: cook the best meal of your life at renowned and historic New Orleans restaurant Commander’s Palace. With Carla having gained serious momentum in the last couple of challenges, Hosea feeling intimidated by Stefan’s ego, and Stefan without his “Team Euro” sidekick, who will be able to withstand the judges expectations and hone their skill to become Top Chef?" "Do or Die" "No Finale Without a Twist" "The Best Meal of Your Life" Who are you rooting for to take home the top prize? Will unde

Poster Child for Friendly Fire: The Gang Schemes and Dreams on "Chuck"

The morning after and I still have Toto's "Africa" stuck in my head. Thus is the power of Chuck . On last night's episode of Chuck ("Chuck Versus the Best Friend"), written by Allison Adler (who last wrote Season Two's "Chuck Versus the Cougars"), we finally got to see an episode that had been slated to air earlier this season and had Chuck betraying Morgan--engaged in stalking ex-girlfriend Anna Wu--in order to fulfill a crucial mission. All in all, considering it ran out of order, this episode dealt with the series' continuity pretty flawlessly and it didn't feel as totally out of place as I thought it would. Plus, it featured a hefty dose of Anna Wu (Julia Ling), who has been far too absent from the Buy More this season, and allowed Yvonne Strahovski to kick some Triad ass in the form of Smooth Lau ( Life 's Jennifer Jalene )... and showcase a rare moment of vulnerability from tough-as-nails agent Sarah Walker. (That fans of

Getting Animated with "Wolverine and the X-Men" and "Batman: The Brave and the Bold"

Most people don't realize that I am a sucker for a good cartoon, especially if it's based on a well-known superhero comic property. I still put on my DVDs of Batman: The Animated Series when I need a little pick-me-up and I thought X-Men: Evolution was canceled way before its time. So imagine my surprise when I learned that not one but two fantastic new superhero-based animated series are currently running on Friday nights and they couldn't be more different from one another. Nicktoons recently launched a third animated iteration of the X-Men franchise, this time entitled Wolverine and the X-Men , focusing on Marvel's band of misunderstood mutants with Wolverine front and center. (It makes sense, given the forthcoming release of feature film X-Men Origins: Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman as the adamantium-clawed mutant.) And Cartoon Network late last year launched Batman: The Brave and the Bold , which features the Dark Knight teaming up with various other superh

Break in to AMC's "Breaking Bad"

Just in time for the launch of the series' sophomore season next month, Breaking Bad: Season One is available in stores today as a DVD box set. The three-disc set features all seven episodes from Breaking Bad 's award-winning first season, along with a slew of bonus material, including a making of feature, fourteen Inside Breaking Bad featurettes, deleted scenes, commentary on select episodes, screen tests, and an episode of AMC Shootout featuring creator Vince Gilligan and Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. In the meantime, below is one of five Breaking Bad minisodes, entitled "The Break-In," to tide you over until Season Two launches in about a week and a half. And be sure to also check out Walt's Warning , a first-person customized viral video starring Bryan Cranston that allows viewers choose their own Breaking Bad -driven adventure. Season Two of Breaking Bad launches Sunday, March 8th at 10 pm ET/PT on AMC.

Channel Surfing: Delany Wonders Who Will Be Next to Leave Wisteria Lane, CW Orders "Melrose Place," Starz Renews "Crash," and More

Welcome to your Tuesday morning television briefing. Dana Delany admitted that none of Wisteria Lane's residents feel exactly safe these days, following the announcement that Nicollette Sheridan will leave Desperate Housewives . "Everyone is vulnerable on Wisteria Lane -- any of us could go," said Delany. "Every single person in that cast feels like their days are numbered. I think [Marc Cherry] likes to keep people on their toes." An upcoming storyline will find Delany's Katherine in potential jeopardy. "It's good," said Delany of the upcoming plot, "because that sense of not knowing keeps the actors on their toes and it keeps the audience anticipating." ( Entertainment Weekly 's Ausiello Files ) Pilot helmer alert: The CW has given an official pilot order to Melrose Place , an update of the soap to be overseen by Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin ( Smallville ). Pilot, from CBS Paramount Network Television, will be directed by D

All This Has Happened Before: Universal Developing "Battlestar Galactica" Feature with Glen A. Larson

I am really, really disheartened by the recent news that Universal is developing a feature film version of Battlestar Galactica . What's that you say? Shouldn't I be chuffed that Battlestar Galactica is heading to the big screen? Well, I would be if the version of BSG that was being developed as a feature was the current Sci Fi drama (which wraps its final season next month), executive produced by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, rather than the original, less dark 1970s version created by Glen A. Larson ( Magnum, P.I. ). (You know, the one in which Starbuck was a, well, man.) And yet that's just what Universal is doing. According to the Hollywood Reporter , Universal has "quietly entered into negotiations with Glen A. Larson to write and produce a big-screen version of the property he created." The original Battlestar Galactica series shares a similar premise with the current series: the human race, existing in a settlement of Twelve Colonies, is all but wip

Saints and Sinners: Things Fall Apart on "Big Love"

Secrets have a nasty way at surfacing when you least expect it. And nothing proved that adage better than this week's episode of HBO's Big Love ("Come, Ye Saints"), which had the entire Henrickson clan pack up and make a 2,500+ mile road trip in order to visit the Joseph Smith shrine in Cumorah, New York, where Bill hoped to bury a time capsule for future generations to discover. Of course, this being Big Love , this road trip is not your ordinary vacation but one made a hell of a lot more difficult by the competing interests of Bill's three wives, the many secrets being kept by him, his wives, and his brood of children, and the way that family vacations seem to tear people apart more than they do bring them together. Margene and Ben. I'm glad that the writers haven't dropped the storyline involving the seemingly shared attraction between Margene and Ben and that it finally (after three seasons) came to a head in this week's episode in which both B