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Touched By an Angel: Eye Focuses on "Twilight"

Ah, pilot season. That time of year when your desk tends to overflow with more scripts than you know what to do with (and you've got the rather unenviable job of having to read and report back on every single one). And when you're reading and sifting through several dozen pilots at the same time, you begin to see some patterns emerging and it's not all that uncommon to experience that odd sensation of deja vu. Case in point: CBS has ordered a pilot of drama Twilight from Ron Koslow ( Beauty and the Beast ), Trevor Munson, and Joel Silver ( Veronica Mars ). The pilot, from studio Warner Bros TV, centers on a vampire who works as a private investigator who just happens to have a thing for a mortal woman. Wait, whah? Wasn't that a little series (and Televisionary addiction) called Angel ? You know, vampire takes over a private investigation firm, falls for living, breathing woman. All that. Meanwhile, FOX has ordered a pilot for drama New Amsterdam , a supernatural/police