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Back From Blighty

Whew. After a particularly whirlwind trip to London involving a few days worth of television-related meetings, parties in private clubs , luxe dinners in the nation's capital, and more than a few nights of champagne-fueled debauchery , I'm back in the States again and recovering from some sleep deprivation. I'm blaming it on a week of excess living. (Thanks, guys!) Special thanks first of all to Televisionary guest star "Christine Fortune" for pitching in whilst I was away and writing two superlative pieces on the latest edition of Bravo's Project Runway and the premiere of CBS' latest installment of The Amazing Race . If you haven't swung by to check them out and leave a comment or two, please do so now and make the lady feel welcome. So what did I learn from this particular crazed visit to my favorite city on the planet? Putting aside all of the work-related information I gathered, I just couldn't travel all the way to England and not catch som

R.I.P. Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter

I was shocked and saddened to wake up yesterday and learn that Steve Irwin, the star of Animal Planet's long-running series Crocodile Hunter , had died as a result of a stingray attack. The Aussie daredevil was only 44 years old and was killed whilst filming a new television special called (sadly) Ocean's Deadliest. Irwin was attacked by a stingray, which left its barb buried in Irwin's chest. Normally stingray attacks are not fatal, unless the victim is stabbed by the barb in the heart or stomach. To me, Irwin will be remembered best for his passion and enthusiasm and his desire to educate everyone, from children to adults, about our planet's amazingly diverse animals. Rest in peace, Croc Hunter. You'll be missed.