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The Daily Beast: "Hemlock Grove: Netflix’s Latest Original Show Is Scary Bad"

Netflix will today offer all 13 episodes of its latest original series, Eli Roth’s horror drama Hemlock Grove . My take on how Netflix has stumbled with this poisonous fare. At The Daily Beast, you can read my latest feature, " Hemlock Grove : Netflix’s Latest Original Show Is Scary Bad," in which I review Netflix's newest original series, Hemlock Grove , which is not only nonsensical and almost unwatchable, but also could signal a misstep for the streaming video platform. (A sample quote: "Roman’s mother, Olivia, played by Famke Janssen as though she is channeling Madeleine Stowe’s Victoria Grayson through a hazy, upside-down kaleidoscope, is some sort of supernatural creature as well, her darkness symbolized by her haughty indifference, cut-glass English accent, and penchant for wearing black lingerie.") Netflix has recently had a rather simple mandate: to fund their own original series under the auspices of well-known creative talent and use their stream