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From Across the Pond: BBC's "Bonekickers"

I was beyond excited to see BBC's new drama offering Bonekickers , an archeological mystery/thriller/action-adventure series. After all, the six-part series--which launched on BBC1 last week--came from Ashley Pharoah and Mathew Graham, creators of that iconic Brit series Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes . So it had to be fantastic, right? Sadly, that statement couldn't be further from the truth. I was expecting Bonekickers to be an amusing romp that didn't exactly hew closely to the actual, you know, science of archeology by any means; I didn't expect that it would be a moronic assemblage of hackneyed dialogue, unsympathetic and ridiculous characters, and painfully hammy acting. To call Bonekickers inane is to let it get off easy; it deserves to be buried under six feet of ground. Let's backtrack a bit and talk about Bonekickers ' whisper of a plot. Created by Pharoah and Graham, Bonekickers takes a look at a team of archeologists led by the brilliant Dr. Gil