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Larry David Gives Clues About "Seinfeld" Reunion, Season Seven of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

The cast of Seinfeld will reunite for a look at what happened to their characters eleven years after the end of Seinfeld 's run on NBC. Sort of, anyway. The reunion is actually a major storyline threaded through the upcoming seventh season of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm , which launches on September 20th. The cast of Seinfeld , including Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards--will each appear in approximately five episodes apiece on Curb this season as the fictional Larry David gets the cast together for a reunion special. "For years, I've been asked about a Seinfeld reunion... and I would always say no," David told reporters at yesterday's Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour gathering about the impetus for the idea. "It's a lame idea. But it might be very funny to do on Curb ." Given David's disinclination from staging a Seinfeld reunion, just does the fictional Larry David give in and dec

HBO Renews "True Blood," "Hung," and "Entourage," Others Still Up in the Air

HBO's Richard Plepler and Michael Lombardo took to the stage yesterday at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour in Pasadena that HBO had locked in its entire current Sunday night lineup for additional seasons next summer. The pay cabler has officially renewed True Blood for a third season, Hung for a second season, and Entourage for a staggering seventh season. All will return to the lineup next summer rather than premiering earlier. " True Blood , Hung , and Entourage will all be coming back next summer and we're very excited about it." Lombardo told the press. "So stay tuned for next June." The duo, in an executive session at the aforementioned TCA panel, also relayed information about HBO's other crop of series and whether we could expect to see them return or not, with the fate of several series still very much up in the air. Curb Your Enthusiasm returns September 20th with a new series and will be slotted together with new comedy

Channel Surfing: Monaghan Gets "Lost" for Three Episodes, Joey Lauren Adams Falls for "Tara," "Ugly" Betty's New Look Focus-Grouped, and More

Welcome to your Friday morning television briefing. E! Online's Watch with Kristin is reporting that Dominic Monaghan will reprise his role as rocker Charlie Pace on ABC's Lost next season for three episodes. "Sources tell us exclusively that, yes, Dom's deal to reappear on Lost is done and that the original castmember is set to appear in three episodes in Season Six," writes Jennifer Godwin. "No word yet on the answer to the big question: Is Charlie alive? We'll have to wait until Lost returns to ABC in January 2010 to find out." ( E! Online's Watch with Kristin ) Joey Lauren Adams ( Party Down ) has joined the cast of Showtime's United States of Tara for the series' second season. Adams will play Pammy, a barmaid who "has a history of picking the wrong guys," writes Entertainment Weekly 's Michael Ausiello. "Her luck changes the day she meets 'Buck' and falls head over heels in love." She'll appea

The Inevitable and The Inescapable: Televisionary Talks to David Tennant About "Doctor Who" Legacy, Sartorial Choices, and "End of Time"

There are a handful of iconic roles that exist in entertainment and ranking high upon that list is the Doctor. For many people, the time-traveling alien nomad has been best embodied by Scottish actor David Tennant, who will depart the series after three final Doctor Who specials, airing this fall and winter on BBC One and BBC America. I had the chance to catch up with Tennant over drinks last night at BBC America's cocktail party at the Television Critics Association's Summer Press Tour. As a huge fan of Doctor Who and of Tennant's performance as the Tenth Doctor, I was curious about the legacy he'll leave behind after he departs the series, the cast of characters assembled for the two-part "End of Time" special (directed by Euros Lyn), and the Tenth Doctor's trademark combination of Chuck Taylor Converse and pin-striped suits. So what did Tennant have to say on those topics? Let's find out in this exclusive interview with the Doctor himself, David T

Transformation and Reinvention: Chefs Pay Homage to Each Other on "Top Chef Masters"

Imitation isn't the sincerest form of flattery; homage is. This week's episode of Top Chef Masters ("Champions Round Begins") had the six champion chefs trading signature dishes and reinventing them in their own inimitable style while still paying homage to the original dish. But before that, the chefs were put through their paces with a mise-en-place relay race. I have to say that I was impressed by their performances. After all, these are master chefs who leave the prep work to their sous chefs and commis and aren't chopping mounts of onions, shucking oysters, or whisking egg whites in their kitchens on a regular basis. But for all of that, these masters will know their stuff; their mastery of basic kitchen techniques shouldn't be underestimated and I wonder if even the series' producers were astonished to see how neck-and-neck the two teams were in the Quickfire Challenge. Well done, all. But there were three "rounds" this week on Top Chef Ma

Channel Surfing: Christopher Gorham Embroiled in "Covert Affairs," Franka Potente Moves into "House," NBC to Revive "Rockford Files," and More

Welcome to your Thursday morning television briefing. Christopher Gorham ( Harper's Island ) will star opposite Piper Perabo in USA's spy thriller pilot Covert Affairs . Gorham's attachment would seemingly lift the casting contingency on the project, which follows Annie Walker, a polyglot CIA trainee (Perabo) whose relationship with an enigmatic ex-boyfriend makes her of interest to the agency. Gorham will play Auggie Anderson, a blinded CIA military intelligence operative who helps Walker. ( Hollywood Reporter ) Franka Potente ( The Bourne Identity ) will guest star in the season premiere of House this fall, where she will play a mystery character that Gregory House encounters in the mental hospital. What's unclear is whether Potente will be playing a doctor, a patient, or a figment of House's imagination. Hmmmm.... ( E! Online's Watch with Kristin ) House creator David Shore has come on board to oversee a remake of private eye drama The Rockford Files with

Televisionary Comic-Con 2009 Wrap Up

While the dust has finally settled on San Diego Comic-Con 2009, I've still got a bunch of pieces to finish writing, several interviews to transcribe, and a whole lot of press rooms to recount. But in the meantime, I figured I'd offer up this round-up of all of the coverage for Comic-Con 2009 that have already posted to Televisionary. And rather than have to scroll through numerous pages of posts, I've presented the coverage here by series, listed alphabetically below. 24: War and Peace: Kiefer Sutherland, Mary-Lynn Rajskub, David Fury, Freddie Prinze Jr., Anil Kapoor Talk Day Eight in "24" Press Room The Promise of Peace (And Some Explosions): "24" Panel at Comic-Con 2009 Bones: Dream a Little Dream: Deschanel and Hanson Talk “Bones” Romance Caprica (and BSG: The Plan ) : They Have a Plan: "Caprica/Battlestar Galactica: The Plan" Panel at Comic-Con 2009 Chuck: Nerd Herd: Watch the Entire "Chuck" Comic-Con 2009 Panel! Doctor Who: Knoc

Channel Surfing: Elizabeth Mitchell Talks "Lost" and "V," Gabrielle Union Gets "FlashForward," USA Renews "Burn" and "Pains," and More

Welcome to your Wednesday morning television briefing. I had an amazing time at the Mighty Boosh's secret show at the Roxy last night and found myself singing "Nanageddon" as I tried to go to sleep. E! Online's Watch with Kristin has an exclusive interview with Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell, who toplines the upcoming remake of V on ABC. Describing her character on V , Mitchell said: "Erica is a federal agent doing counter-terrorism. She deals with finding sleeper cells and basically eradicating them as much as possible. She's smart and intelligent and all the things that you would want someone who is protecting our country to be. I must have a hero complex—I keep gravitating toward these roles. She has a son, and she's in love with her son, and her son is in love with the Visitors. She has to deal with the fact that she has to save him for the most part. Her husband just left her, so she's a brokenhearted counterterrorist detective." Mitchell al

Tin Star: FX Orders Elmore Leonard Project "Lawman" to Series

A little over a week before its TCA Summer Press Tour session, cabler FX has announced that it has ordered thirteen episodes of drama series Lawman , based on the Elmore Leonard short story "Fire in the Hole." The project, from Sony Pictures Television and FX Productions, is written and executive produced by Graham Yost ( Boomtown ). Lawman stars Timothy Olyphant ( Damages ) as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, described in press materials as "a modern day 19th century-style lawman, enforcing his brand of justice in a way that puts a target on his back with criminals and places him at odds with his bosses in the Marshal service." Givens is reassigned to the district where he grew up in rural Kentucky with an outlaw father. "FX has been fortunate to employ some of the finest writers working in television and we’re lucky to add an outstanding talent like Graham Yost to that growing list," said FX President/General Manager John Landgraf in a statement. "Graha

War and Peace: Kiefer Sutherland, Mary-Lynn Rajskub, David Fury, Freddie Prinze Jr., Anil Kapoor Talk Day Eight in "24" Press Room

In the press room after the 24 panel at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, David Fury tried to explain comments that fellow executive producer Howard Gordon made on the panel about the lack of female writers on the FOX series. Gordon had likened the dearth of women behind the scenes on 24 to the fact that the Rolling Stones didn't have any female members either. "They call me the woman on staff because I've written female roles for several other shows," Fury told members of the press. "Do I miss having women on staff? I do. The women who have come on have not quite captured the show, I don't know why. There is a mentality that it's a men's show. I don't think it's a problem for the show not having female writers, the show has been through many different writers, very successful very good writers who have succeeded on other shows could not quite get through the mindset and for some reason a lot of writers have fallen by the wayside. There'

Invisible Chains: AMC Brings "The Prisoner" to Comic-Con

"You only think you're free." Now that the crazed fan-demonium of Comic-Con '09 has finally died down, this might be an opportune time to praise AMC for offering up a classy and intelligent presentation for their upcoming remake of the landmark sci-fi series The Prisoner . AMC's six-hour mini-series version of The Prisoner will air over three consecutive nights in November, and judging from the nine-minute preview screened during the panel, it has the potential to be one of the most talked-about television events of the Fall season. Candidly speaking, I went into panel with a great deal of skepticism after having read an extremely mediocre pilot script several years ago. What a splendid surprise it was to discover then how the project has evolved in the capable hands of writer Bill Gallagher (BBC's Conviction ), who talked at length during the panel about the challenges of adapting such a complex work. However unlike that early draft I read (which oddly enoug