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Pilot Inspektor: An Advance Review of FOX's "Sons of Tucson"

I really wanted to like FOX's comedy series Sons of Tucson . After all, I loved the pilot script for Sons of Tucson , written by Tommy Dewey and Greg Bratman, which I found to be really witty and fun and had the same sort of enthusiasm and madcap action as the early episodes of FOX's own Malcolm in the Middle . For those of you not in the know, Sons of Tucson , which will launch on FOX in midseason, is about sadsack hustler Ron Buffkin ( Reaper 's Tyler Labine), who works at a local sporting goods store (and I use the term "works" extremely loosely) and lives out of his car. In the course of a day filled with his usual small-time grifts and general shrugging off of both determination and honesty, he comes across Robby ( How I Met Your Mother 's Davis Cleveland), Gary ( Doubt 's Frank Dolce), and Brandon ( Entourage 's Troy Gentile). The Gunderson boys have turned up in Tucson after their banker father was imprisoned for stock fraud and given a sentence