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Kitchen Confidential: "Nigella Feasts" on Food Network

I'm a sucker for food television shows. Especially ones that feature that insatiable British domestic goddess Nigella Lawson, author of such wildly popular cookery books as "How to Be a Domestic Goddess," "Nigella Bites," "Forever Summer," and her latest opus, "Feast." It's the latter book, with its emphasis on celebratory cooking, that ties into Nigella's latest program, Nigella Feasts , which launched yesterday in the US on Food Network. To know Nigella is to love her. And to love her means giving into fat, butter, sugar, and god knows what else in pursuit of deliciously dreamy foodstuffs. If you can't handle a deep-fried Mars bar, this is not the cooking show for you. But if you've got a yearning for chocolate cherry trifle and lamb with pomegranate and feta, Nigella is the gal for you. My girlfriend, formerly hopeless in the kitchen, was transformed by Nigella's "How to Be a Domestic Goddess." Now she makes a

Nigella Heating Up New Series on Food Network

The Food Network unveiled its latest slate of programming for 2006, which included a new show from British domestic goddess Nigella Lawson (the host of Nigella Bites and Forever Summer and the author of cookbooks How to Be a Domestic Goddess , Nigella Bites , Forever Summer , and Feast ), according to the Hollywood Reporter. ( Nigella will forever be the woman who taught me the simple yet sensual joys of Guinness chocolate cake, watermelon-feta-and-olive salad, and Happiness Soup... and, even more importantly, the woman who inspired my girlfriend to want to cook.) The show, Nigella Feasts , will feature the gorgeous television personality, author, and journalist in a program about "food, family, public holidays, and private passions and how to celebrate with dishes that stir the senes and delight the palate." It is expected to premiere in September in a daytime slot. So set your Tivo. And just be sure to eat something before watching.