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The Daily Beast: "The Whitewashed Kennedys"

The controversial Kennedys miniseries, finally airing this Sunday, has traded in salaciousness for sugarcoating. Over at The Daily Beast, in my latest feature, entitled "The Whitewashed Kennedys ," I weigh in on the ponderously dull and unfailingly leaden miniseries and look at eight key script changes made from that salacious original script and what made it onto the screen. Will you be watching this Sunday? What's your take on the controversy? Head to the comments section to discuss. The Kennedys airs Sunday evening at 9 pm ET/PT (with a two-hour launch) on ReelzChannel.

The Daily Beast: "8 Crazy Scenes From The Kennedys"

Ask just about anyone in Hollywood what they had thought of The Kennedys , the History Channel miniseries about the Kennedy clan, and they’ll tell you it was so far off their radars that they didn’t give it a thought. That changed last week when the History Channel, a division of A&E Television Networks, announced that it had opted to shelve the project—from 24 co-creator Joel Surnow, director Jon Cassar, and writer Steve Kronish—stating that the “dramatic interpretation [was] not a fit for the History brand.” Over at The Daily Beast, you can read the rest of my latest feature, entitled "8 Crazy Scenes From The Kennedys ," in which I pick out eight salacious bits from the script for the first episode of the miniseries, which is currently being shopped to a variety of cable networks. (Showtime, FX, Starz, and a few others are rumored to have already passed.)