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Nobody's Watching "Nobody's Watching"... Again

Say it isn't true. After all this time (not to mention brilliantly funny webisodes), could Nobody's Watching actually be dead? Sadly, it looks like that's the case, despite the Peacock ordering a live episode of Nobody's Watching a few weeks ago and setting the stage for a March launch of the live format, which could have led to a series pickup. According to an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 's Tuned In Journal , an NBC source confirmed Nobody's Watchin g creator and executive producer Bill Lawrence's suspicious that the network wouldn't in fact go forward with the series or the live show, despite the TCA announcement last month. Lawrence says that contracts for Paul Campbell and Taran Killam--who play the fictional Will and Derek--expire at the end of the month; Lawrence ( Scrubs ) also said that he would cease making all webisodes/viral videos for the Nobody's Watching site . "If I kept doing it and nothing happens," he told t

Watch "Nobody's Watching" on NBC... in March!

Nobody's Watching is coming to NBC... sort of. I just got another email from Derrick Keith, half of the dynamic duo of Derrick and Will, better known as those wacky Emmy-crashing Nobody's Watching guys: "Guess what? NBC picked up a half hour LIVE special of Nobody's Watching to air in March, and if it does decently we go straight to series. Anyway, we'll be at the NBC TCA party tonight, so we'll try to find ya!" While it's not quite the news I was hoping for (i.e., an official pickup from Kevin Reilly, Jeff Zucker, and the network gods at NBC), I'm thrilled to learn that Nobody's Watching is FINALLY going to make it on the air in some form. Meanwhile, I'll be getting every one of you readers out there to tune in to ensure that Nobody's Watching will get a series pickup on NBC. Nobody's Watching . NBC. March. You heard it here first. Stay tuned for more details.

Quick Takes: "24" in Action (Figures) and "Nobody's Watching" Jim

Just a few random thoughts this morning as I struggle to open my eyes, thankful that it's Friday and (for me any way), a three day weekend lays before me. But before I peel off for work (and the piles of pilot scripts awaiting me there), I thought I'd take a minute to discuss a few items of note. I'd be terribly remiss if I didn't mention the release of the new 24 Jack Bauer action figure from McFarlane toys. News of the toy was released yesterday, as manufacturer McFarlane Toys (responsible for the growing line of hyper-real Lost action figures ) announced that it had signed a deal with 20th Century Fox Licensing to create a line of 24 -based action figures that would feature the world-saving CTU agent in various scenes lifted directly from the award-winning series. Two sets of Jack Bauer figures are said to be in production and will be offered as part of a boxed set. The line is expected to hit store shelves in August, with the second batch of designs launching in

Nobody's Watching... the OK, Go Spoof

The boys over at Nobody's Watching have added several new videos in the last few days, including a hilarious (if way too short) spoof of my favorite treadmill-based video ever (that would be "Here It Goes Again" by OK Go) and a video showing Derek and Will playing a game of 24 ... because, let's be serious, all of us twenty-something guys secretly wish we were Jack Bauer. They've also given you, their loyal fans, the opportunity to tell NBC what you really, really want: "We’re going to pay NBC a little visit with our cameras in the next couple days and make sure we let them know what we think about their new fall schedule. And if you guys have anything you’d like to tell them about any of their shows (good or bad), post it here or call us at 818-620-3151 and we’ll be sure to tell them for you." Start your emailing and phone calls now (though Derek's voicemail box already appears to be full) complaining about the never-ending airings of Deal or No D

Watch "Nobody's Watching" on... NBC?!?

I guess someone was watching after all. In a stunning move, Variety is reporting today that botched WB pilot and You Tube favorite Nobody's Watching has been picked up by NBC. Kevin Reilly is expected to announce today that the Peacock network has ordered six scripts, following a meeting with series creators Bill Lawrence, Neil Goldman, and Garrett Donovan. Additionally, NBC will also produce a series of viral videos for Nobody's Watching , which could hit the web as early as September. The news comes a month after a video of the 2005 pilot for Nobody's Watching showed up on You, launching a storm of media coverage. (It also doesn't hurt that NBC recently signed a "programming alliance" deal with You Tube.) The network is negotiating with most of the pilot's stars to return, including series leads Paul Campbell ( Battlestar Galactica ) and Tarran Killiam. Should the show be ordered to series, it would carry a very insubstantial price tag per e

Who's Watching "Nobody's Watching"?

Every once in a while, a show comes along that is so funny and so witty that you consider yourself lucky to watch it... even if the dunderheaded executives at the now defunct WB decided that you shouldn't get to see it. That show, my friends, is Nobody's Watching , created by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence and Family Guy 's Neil Goldman and Garret Donovan. Thanks to You Tube, the show-that-may-never-be is watchable on your computer and if Bill Lawrence has anything to do with it, the series might even make it on the air. In an interview with The New York Times , Lawrence says that Comedy Central and ABC have expressed interest in picking up Nobody's Watching , but since the pilot was produced by NBC Universal, NBC has first crack at it. (It was originally developed by the WB after NBC president Kevin Reilly passed on the show.) That Nobody's Watching would get passed over for a series order but such stinkers as Life with Fran , Twins , and (shudder) Reba would mak