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Rocking the Cradle of Civilization: An Advance Review of BBC America's Mini-Series "Occupation"

In recent years, there have been a lot of feature films that sought to capture either the political fallout from the occupation of Iraq or the atmosphere of violence and terror that have fallen over the Middle East since 9/11. Many of them have been avoided at large by moviegoers and television viewers, all of whom have been saturated by imagery from Iraq in every facet of the media. But there have been very few projects, aside from perhaps The Hurt Locker , that have managed to capture the essence of what is going on over there while also managing to get inside the heads of the soldiers themselves and offer a look at the moral and psychological affects of warfare. Enter BBC America's haunting and provocative mini-series Occupation , which airs Sunday evening on the digital cabler, and tells the stories of three British soldiers who, following their tour of duty in Iraq, are each drawn back to the war-torn country in search of something none of them will ever be able to find. The m