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The Daily Beast: "Liz & Dick: 8 Crazy Scenes from Lindsay Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor Biopic"

The Daily Beast (or rather me directly) obtained a production draft of Lifetime’s Elizabeth Taylor biopic starring Lindsay Lohan. I pick out eight especially salacious bits from the script. Over at The Daily Beast, you can read my latest feature, " Liz & Dick : 8 Crazy Scenes from Lindsay Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor Biopic," in which I read Christopher Monger's script and pick out the eight craziest, oddest, most salacious bits of Lifetime's upcoming Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton biopic, Liz & Dick , starring Lindsay Lohan. When considering actresses to play the late, beloved Academy Award–winner Elizabeth Taylor, the first name that comes to most people’s minds likely isn’t Lindsay Lohan. And yet the troubled, talented 25-year-old actress is currently playing Taylor in Lifetime’s made-for-TV movie Liz & Dick , about the tumultuous romance between Taylor and her costar/husband Richard Burton (played here by True Blood ’s Grant Bowler). Lohan is