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Checking Out "The Lost Room"

Ah, Sci Fi. We've had a rather tortured run, you and I. You make me blissfully happy with Battlestar Galactica and UK imports like the newest incarnation of Doctor Who (even if you did keep us guessing there for a little while if you would acquire the series), but lately your epic mini-series have been, well, less than epic. ( Earthsea , anyone?) So I was really, really looking forward to The Lost Room , which featured possibly one of the most original setups on television and a great cast. For those of you who missed last night's premiere installment ("The Key and the Clock"), don't worry as Sci Fi will basically be showing this mini around the clock. (No pun intended, seriously.) But if you're worried about tuning in tonight for the second of three segments, here's the lowdown. Detective Joe Miller (Peter Krause) is your average cop going through a nasty divorce and custody battle with his ex-wife over their adorable little daughter Anna (Elle Fanning)