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From Across the Pond: "Waking the Dead"

Let me begin by saying that I'm not usually a fan of forensic procedurals, those CSI -type shows that seem to have multiplied like bunnies and now fill up the majority of CBS's schedule. For the most part, they're standalone, tidily resolved formulaic mysteries that bare little resemblance to the character-centric nature of drama that I love so much. The same can't be said, thankfully, for British import Waking the Dead , which is currently re-airing its fifth season on BBC America. I could say things like, "If you like Cold Case , you'll LOVE Waking the Dead ," but I won't sink to that level, though the BBC's Waking the Dead , which preceded the arrival of the CBS forensic drama by a few years, is a far superior show. Both concern the cold case squad of a police authority and both solve crimes long left unsolved by their colleagues, but look at that title: Waking the Dead . Could any title be more evocative and compelling? In this case, the title