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ABC Steals "Knights of Prosperity" Right Off the Schedule

Eugene Gurkin and his ragtag team of amateur thieves may have wanted to rob Mick Jagger, but it looks like the only thing that's been missing is the freshman comedy itself.

ABC has announced that it is yanking Knights of Prosperity off the schedule, effective immediately.

This week's episode, set to begin a new story arc for the series involving Ray Romano, will be replaced by a repeat of According to Jim. George Lopez repeats will take over in the timeslot in subsequent weeks.

It's possible that Knights, which has four episodes left unaired, could turn up elsewhere on the schedule and, as is usual these days, network spokespeople are being extremely careful not to say that the series has been outright cancelled.

It's been a bumpy ride for the series which went through a number of title changes (Let's Rob Mick Jagger, Let's Rob...) before it launched in January, after it was pushed back from a fall premiere. Knights of Prosperity starred Donal Logue, Sofia Vergara, Lenny Venito, Maz Jobrani, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Josh Grisetti.


rockauteur said…
It's a shame. Knights is a great series full of both obvious and subversive humor. With the exception of one spectacularly unfunny episode (which involves a Columbian drug lord and kidnapping), the series is always a belly-full of laughs, and a show I look forward to next week. With only four episodes to go, its a shame it's being pulled now. Hopefully, it will end up on television or at the very least, where all cancelled shows go to die these days.

The last episode that aired - where the Knights plot to rob Kelly Ripa, had Eugene pretending to be a pretentious and adventurous architect named Oswald Montecristo. The Knights even directed an ironic and arsty promo real for the fake company. Now rid of Mick Jagger, the Knights are truly able to extend their legs, and its a shame the show seems to have met its maker. Any show that sets itself at a warehouse for Jewish supplies is a show that I want to watch.
Anonymous said…

That's for all the people who didn't watch/get this show.

When i watched the pilot I said, "Hilarious! But no one will get it."

Justin said it all.

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