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Chatting with the "Chuck" Nerds: Josh Schwartz and Zach Levi on What to Expect

Just got off the phone with the dynamic duo of Josh Schwartz and Zach Levi, the co-creator and star (respectively) of NBC's new dramedy Chuck, which is already a favorite in the Televisionary household.

While the full details of the conference call will be posted later, here are a few tantalizing morsels gleaned from Schwartz and Levi:

Stop the presses! Former OC star Rachel Bilson will join the cast of Chuck in a multiple-episode arc playing a new potential love interest for Levi's Chuck, a sandwich maker who likes magic and seems to be a sweet girl. But, given Chuck's current situation, is Bilson's character really who she appears to be?

There will be an overarching mythology to the series, layered on top of the self-contained villains/mysteries of the week, including the backstory on Bryce (Traveler's Matthew Bomer) and the Intersect. Schwartz said that they are now shooting an episode in which Chuck returns to Stanford for his "origin story" and we see the relationship between him and former roommate/future rogue agent Bryce play out in flashback. (So Matthew Bomer fans, set your TiVos now!)

Musically, Schwartz will be leaning on his favorites for this series, just as he did for The OC. He said that as Chuck is set in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, it has a sound of its own. Look for the musical stylings of Spoon, The National, and the New Pornographers in the first few episodes. And, um, quite possibly an appearance of Britney Spears' "Toxic," though it wasn't entirely clear whether Schwartz was joking or not.

As for action, look for an out-of-control helicopter flight, car chases, and that spy favorite, the ejector seat. Schwartz and Levi said that subsequent episodes will "deliver the action." And that everyone was exhausted from all of the high-octane action. Levi himself prefers to do a lot of his own stunt work. Because, after all, how many times do you get to soar through the air, fall down from great heights, or participate, as in the pilot episode, in a backwards car chase? Not bloody often.

Chuck launches Monday, September 24th at 8 pm on NBC.


Anonymous said…
Awesome piece! I am super excited that Rachel Bilson is joining the cast. She was the only salvagable thing about the O.C.'s last season and I think she'll be the perfect match for Chuck.
Anonymous said…
I am also very happy about the news about Bilson. I loved her as Summer on THE OC and think she will be a great addition to the cast of Chuck.

Please don't ever play "Toxic," Josh. Ever.
Wow. I think this is going to be my favorite new show! I'm so excited that Rachel Bilson will be making an appearance. She's going to be a great counter for Chuck. And I'm also happy that Matthew Bomer will be back. I didn't actually care for him in Traveler but I loved him in the Chuck pilot and am excited he'll be a bigger part of the story.

I also loved the action sequences in the pilot and am thrilled that there will be more. I can't wait!!!
rockauteur said…
I love Rachel Bilson!!! Super excited that she is joining the show, at least for a few episodes... especially since they got rid of the hot neighbor from the original pilot script. Gives another love interest for Chuck, and helps create a love triangle (or love square if you include Chuck's dear departed friend Bryce). Also happy that there WILL be a mythology to the series and that the Bryce events will be addressed at some point.

NBC made a great decision by moving Chuck to accompany Heroes on Monday nights!
The CineManiac said…
Sounds like Chuck is on its way to being a great show. Plus Bilson is always a welcome addition (especially if she's wearing a wonder woman outfit!)
Anonymous said…
Cinemaniac, I'll second that. I'm thrilled that Schwartz went back and booked Bilson for this role and I think she will be a great addition to an already great show.
Anonymous said…
I had a dream last night that I forgot Chuck was debuting and I tuned in halfway through. I was pretty bummed.

This is odd because:

A) I've seen the pilot, so it's not like I really missed anything.

B) I am not nearly as excited about it as you, and it was on the bubble for me, as far as giving it a 2nd try.
Unknown said…
I’m a huge fan of Chuck. Can’t wait for season 3 of Chuck. NBC is crazy not to renew CHUCK. We need a season 3 after that cliffhanger.

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