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Tag, I'm It

I don't usually participate in memes, but when I got tagged by fellow TV blogger Vance from Tapeworthy, I figured this was as good a chance as any to (A) participate in a meme with some pretty awesome bloggers and (B) reveal some information about myself at the same time.

The Rules are pretty simple. Share seven facts about yourself--some random, some weird--on your site and then tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

So what are the seven facts about myself that I chose to reveal? You can read them after the jump.

(1) I've worked in the television industry for about six years now. My first (very short-lived) gig in the entertainment business was on a Joss Whedon series. Yep, I was an office PA on Buffy the Vampire Slayer... for a few weeks, anyway.

(2) I never slept as a little kid so many of memories of growing up are of staying up at night and watching television with my parents (Dynasty was a favorite, as was Boomer) or watching early morning reruns of series like Alice and Laverne and Shirley.

(3) I watched Twin Peaks when I was 12 or 13... and I still have extremely vivid nightmares involving Killer Bob. I also poured over "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer" and owned that fake travel guide for the town of Twin Peaks and Agent Cooper's cassette tape recordings to Diane.

(4) Despite my love of all things television-related, I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Cornell University (specialization: 19th century English novels) but nearly considered majoring in linguistics... for about a week, anyway. I am a diehard fan of Austen, the Brontes, and Dickens and feel that Wilkie Collins has been unduly forgotten.

(5) I spent the day of my 20th birthday in three different countries: Holland, Belgium, and England.

(6) When I attended Oxford, I was completely addicted to Australian soap Neighbours and my wife (then just my new girlfriend) and I would rush home from tutorials to catch the latest installment on BBC One. This was back in the day when Billy and Anne were a couple and Toadie was an irresponsible youth, always getting into trouble with Harold. Ah, memories.

(7) People are often surprised that I don't owe a flat-screen television... or have HD. Yes, it's shocking for someone so clearly obsessed with television. (Those of you reading this who are looking to surprise me with a grand gesture, there you go.)

And as for who's tagged now? My seven tags go out to:

Rae at Ramblings of a TV Whore
The Cinemaniac
Michael at Franklin Avenue
Joy Magnetism
Trevor at TV Series Finale
Raoul at TV Filter

Happy hunting.


Anonymous said…
I haven't seen Neighbours in years but I totally remember the days of Billy, Anne, Toadie, and even "young Hannah" (as Harold used to call her). Too funny!
Anonymous said…
I think English majors, particularly those who specialized in 19th-century English novels, are the best prepared to analyze television.

P.S. Mary Elizabeth Braddon, check her out.
Anonymous said…
I second what Melissa said. After all, serialized TV has its basis in stories like Dickens told. Plus, English majors have great analytical skills!
joy said…
(7) People are often surprised that I don't owe a flat-screen television... or have HD. Yes, it's shocking for someone so clearly obsessed with television.

Heh, moi aussi! Boys are particularly shocked that I don't have a bigger tv, given how much I watch of it. What can I say, my little Sony and I are happy together. For now. (The real reason is, if I make her too pretty to watch, how will I ever manage to leave my apartment ever again.)

Thanks for the tag, I'm now trying to come up with a suitable magnet to pay it forward. :-)
Anonymous said…
re: #7, same here - people can't believe it from me, either.

re: #3, I watched it at that age, too, and I remember that the best hanukkah present I got that year was the Laura Palmer diary.
Jace Lacob said…
Ally, scarily enough, I vividly remember buying The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer in a Waldenbooks in Newport, Rhode Island on a very rainy day!
helenf said…
I had to post when you mentioned Billy and Anne - I feel like I grew up with them and Toadie, Lancy and Amy. I'll always have a soft spot for the Kennedys in general, too. I don't watch Neighbours any more, but as a teenager and then a student I absolutely adored it. Maybe I'll get back into it one of these days.
Jo said…
Wow, I am honored and shall take on your tag tomorrow!

By the way, I'm also quite mortified to call myself a huge pop culture & TV fan yet I watch on a 27 inch, 15-year old television with occasional green corners in the display. In desperate need of an update and hoping for one this xmas.

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