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Permanent Break for "Day Break" While "Show Me the Money" Shown the Door

This is one bad day Taye Diggs' character won't wake up to discover hasn't happened yet.

ABC has pulled struggling drama Day Break from its schedule, effective immediately.

Drama, which was filling in for sibling Lost during its 13-week imposed hiatus, was expected to depart from ABC's lineup at the end of December, but after severely dismal ratings this week, Day Break was given the chop late on Friday.

Day Break's current timeslot will be filled with repeats of comedies. Given that ABC doesn't have that many comedies on the air at the moment, I'd imagine they would be of the According to Jim or George Lopez variety. (No word on what will happen to those playfully coy Lost Moments that have been popping up during Day Break; the last one was quite a shocker in fact.) Beginning in early January, the slot will be taken over by the launch of new midseason comedies Knights of Prosperity and In Case of Emergency.

But it's not the only announced casualty at ABC, either: game show Show Me the Money, hosted by William Shatner, has been canned as well, effective immediately. It will be replaced with (shudder) America's Funniest Home Videos.

Stay tuned for news on whether or not Day Break will eventually conclude its run online.


Anonymous said…
WHY??????? What the hell is wrong with ABC? Daybreak only had a few more episodes left and once again fans are left hanging when a network cancels a yet another serialized drama.

Here's some advice, ABC. Don't order serialized dramas if you don't intend on airing all of the episodes.

Jon88 said…
I watched the pilot and liked it enough to let the DVR record the series for eventual viewing. If the last few aren't going to materialize, then oh, the time we save. But hey, if I can watch Kidnapped online (and contrary to my previous belief, it seems I can)....
The CineManiac said…
This sucks, I've been watching this show and I've really been enjoying it. And didn't ABC earlier promise it would air all 13 episodes, I mean there's only 13 frakkin' episodes and then they're done.
I mean it wasn't enough for them to cancel The Nine now they cancel this too, and they don't even have anything to fill the slot with, I hope whatever reality/news show they replace it with tanks.
Anonymous said…
To tell you the truth, I lost interest in the show as it got more and more convoluted. That said, it does really suck that ABC is pulling the show. Most likely, they will run the show on like Fox did with "Vanished". What an expensive waste!
Anonymous said…
The idea behind Day Break was entirely workable, Diggs and Bloodgood are hot, blah blah blah. I'm glad these things mean nothing to ABC execs, because the show's execution--especially the writing and direction: well, somebody has got to save TV and a black lead from such cheese. Day Break was totally lacking in nuance, humorless, monotone, uncompelling. ("Today was yesterday. Yesterday was today.")

Too little focus on character for a good story, too much production effort for a first run. Diggs sounded like an android. (I laughed whenever his Hopper yelled or expressed concern or quiet frustration, so maybe the show wasn't totally humorless.) What a tremendous waste of $$$. Bye bye, Day Break.
Anonymous said…
I hate to say it but race seems to trump all again. People will watch LOST but not a similar series with a minority couple and a black lead actor. I very rarely watch network tv and Day Break was one of the 2 shows that I watched regularly. Thank God for DirecTV.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe they took Daybreak off the air. I will probably stop watching everything on ABC. Isn't it supposed to be about the viewers, all the good shows get cancelled and they leave on the stupid shows. Well I hope the show them at point.
Anonymous said…
well to all the haters of the show bong bong i really liked that show just like they cancelled life as we know it you should just play the last few episodes who wants to watch repeats when we can watch day break or at least post them online
sandra said…
This really SUCKS.. I hardly ever watched tv, let alone ABC and they pulled the only show i was faithful to every Wednesday. ABC could have just ran the rest of the episodes so the viewer would not be left hanging. It was almost over. ABC has lost a viewer..
Anonymous said…
what's wrong with ABC? I was enjoying Day Break on Wednesday nights during "Lost's" hiatus. It was almost done, why pull the plug now, let the show finish. ABC you suck.
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed Day Break. I had to watch it online for the most part because of my work schedule, but I still watched it. It's really upsetting when a series is just cut off. At least do the viewers the curtosy of making those last few episodes available online. How hard is that? I liked this show more than most of the Fox shows combined.

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