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My Pretty Pony: Rock Stars, Missing Tapes, and Ghost Rides on "Veronica Mars"

I'm still shocked by last night's Lost but wanted to offer just a few quick thoughts about Veronica Mars. Yes, I succumbed to the temptation of watching this week's episode online at rather than waiting for the rescheduled telecast on KTLA on Saturday (don't worry, I plan to watch again, to keep up those all-important ratings numbers); I couldn't help myself.

Still, this week's episode of Veronica Mars ("Debasement Tapes") was all about the guest star: Paul Rudd, who should by law be required to guest star on every television series I watch. Or to have a series of his own. Or, you know, release an album.

The star of Clueless, Wet Hot American Summer, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin did not disappoint in his star turn this week as has-been rocker Desmond Fellows, whose band My Pretty Pony seemed an amorphous mix of 90s grunge bands like Nirvana and Mother Love Bone (who later became, yes, Pearl Jam). Rudd was fantastic as Fellows, turning him into a sympathetic (if slightly pathetic) guy who is too afraid to stop using the backup vocals of his dead band mate and launch his own career on his own terms. This is a guy who uses pills to cope with life, who blows off Piz's offer of help to attend a lame college dorm room party, who tries skinny dipping in water far too cold for that purpose.

So, did Desmond intentionally take the wrong bag from the airport? I'm leaning towards yes, but I am not entirely sure. Either way, he did not want to have to perform on the Hearst College radio station and used the backup tapes' disappearance as a way to stall. Glad that Piz engineered a way to force Desmond to try out his own new songs from his nascent solo career rather than remain stuck in the past. Piz, you can be a bad guy, after all. Well, not really...

Piz. Oh, Veronica, what in the hell are you doing? You are going to give this guy a complex as you keep changing your mind about how you feel about him. He might be the eggplant parm rather than the naughty pasta, but you can't just toy with his emotions. It's clear he's totally into you but you're blowing hot and cold with your mixed signals. Still, holding his hand during Desmond's set? May have been a line you didn't want to cross. Piz is not going to get over Veronica easily, especially as it's clear a reconciliation with Logan is in the cards.

Logan. Speaking of Veronica's ex, how bad did you feel that his professor completely shut him down during his presentation? Sure, the website probably wasn't the most academic endeavor to use to promote a business plan, but he and Mac worked their, well, asses off to get that business off the ground. Can this guy ever catch a break? I loved the scenes with Logan and Mac; they are rarely ever in scenes together but when they are, it just crackles with diametrically opposed energy. Logan's clearly still into Veronica (despite his relationship with Parker), as evidenced from the grilling he was giving Mac about her relationship with Piz and if she cheated on him while they were together. A little late for that, now isn't it?

Dick. Four words: ghost riding the whip. Thank you, writer John Enbom, for giving us the sight of Dick attempting to ghost ride his car (and getting his foot run over in the process). Loved how Dick questioned Desmond about whether he slept with Drew Barrymore, Rose McGowan, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. (Yes, yes, and twice.)

Mac. I am so glad that the Hearst College campus is finally realizing what a hottie our girl Mac is. While it was wonderful to see her finally relaxed and carefree with boyfriend Bronson (and finally get over the events of last year with Beaver), I don't think that they were truly meant for one another, what with the hikes and the PETA petitions and everything. I thought that Mac and Max were absolutely adorable together and perfectly suited for one another. Their scenes sparkled with shiny, shiny geek love and I really hope that Rob Thomas and Co. manage to get them together in the next three episodes. Bronson was crushed by Mac's breakup speech but she was honest about her feelings and, well, deserves someone who gets the stylishly nerdy computer-obsessed side of her.

Wallace finally has a scene with Veronica that seems a throwback to the earlier seasons in which they were, you know, best friends. I thought their girl talk scene was absolutely hilarious and spot on, especially with Veronica pointing out, after Wallace took umbrage at their conversation topic, that he was drinking a Fresca and watching a Joan Crawford movie. (Ditto for when Desmond refers to Veronica as a "feisty, young Barbara Eden.") It's moments like these that remind me why I love this series.

Meanwhile, Keith is pleased as punch that he's running unopposed in the special election for Neptune's sheriff, that is, until Vinnie tricks him into accidentally endorsing him as a candidate, following a botched robbery at the sporting goods store that Vinnie helps prevent (with the use of a glued on mustache and some padlocks). Vinnie phones the station before Keith (who's on a stakeout with security guard Leo) does and takes the credit for thwarting the burglary, which Keith is happy to give him, along with a glowing statement in the local paper. Vinnie then uses that quote as part of his campaign push for his own candidacy. Grrr.

While I am thrilled to see Deputy Leo (Max Greenfield, now appearing on Ugly Betty) return to Neptune (and Veronica's life), I'm definitely intrigued as to why the producers are throwing him back into the mix at this late point in the season. Will there be a little shakeup in the Veronica-Piz-Logan love triangle? Or is there something else going on here?

Next week on Veronica Mars ("I Know What You'll Do Next Summer"), Veronica passes her private investigator exam, but when Piz interviews a student who authored a book about his past as a child-soldier, Veronica is hired by a man who wants to prove he is the student's father. Oh, and Parker turns to Veronica for advice about Logan. Hmmm, not sure that's going to go over too well.


Jon88 said…
Unless you have a Nielsen box, I don't think your rewatching the show on the weekend will move any meter's needle a tittle or a jot.
Anonymous said…
I think it's very interesting that Leo is back in the mix. They definitely have a plan for him or wouldn't re-introduce him so late in the game. But he's a great character so I'm glad to see him back.

And Paul Rudd was great on the show. Was that really him singing? If so, he is a man of many talents.

Poor Piz. Veronica is not making things easy for him. I love VM but my advice to Piz would be RUN! This can only end badly.
Unknown said…
Whatever the plan for Leo is, it isn't going to last very long. :/

I'm disturbed by the lack of ethics of most of the characters. Veronica is happy to push/pull Piz (definitely the more acceptable of these "crimes"). But Logan, Dick, and many others drink (and drive?) illegally. Now Mac is falling for an admitted criminal (or have we forgotten that selling exam answers violates the code of ethics of every university?). And, of course, there's her sketchy past in blackmailing people with their Purity Test answers. Are only theft, rape, and murder bad?

Now, I'm not a stuffy prude by any means, nor was I a saint in college, but good grief, aren't we going too far in the opposite direction and not giving any good role models to any teenagers watching this show??

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