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Thai Food in Taiwan: Lessons Learned from "The Amazing Race"

Oh my god, I can't tell you how much I loved last night's episode of The Amazing Race ("Sorry, Guys, I'm Not Happy to See You"), which had it all: snappy dialogue, breakneck pacing, underdogs pulling through to stay in the game, and a massive, massive comeuppance for one duo.

Before getting into the specifics, I do want to clarify one thing. Nate, by now I hope that you've realized the error of your ways. I don't mean your heinous mistreatment of Jen (the two of you are clearly made for each other if not meant to be together), but your complete and utter misinformation about Taiwan, which is not now nor ever will be known for its "Thai food." That would be, um, Thailand.

Jen meanwhile seems hellbent on making up her own words. This week's bon mots? "Cold- blinded." I am not entire sure what that means, to be honest.

I am definitely rooting for Ron and Christina at this point. They managed to get on that first flight to Taipei, which landed only a few minutes before the other teams but held onto their lead the entire leg and didn't once run into one of the three other remaining teams. (A rare feat in and of itself.) I thought for sure that Ron would return to his old ways and start bickering or criticizing Chris, but he kept his cool, kept his mouth shut, and the team kept their lead. I will be honest and say that I had earmarked these two for elimination during, say, the second leg of the race but they've managed to surprise me with their drive, determination, and spunk, not to mention the way that the race has healed their fractured relationship. Unlike Nate and Jen.

Speaking of which, what was up with that teary post-elimination confrontation between the two of them? We rarely ever stay on an eliminated team after their wrap-up interview but the cameras kept rolling as they admitted that their relationship was pretty much doomed from the start... before Nate picked up Jen--backpack and all--as he sobbed for their lost love. I was cheering the entire time that these fractious Racers kept falling behind the other teams, praying that they would be the ones to be eliminated this week. (Wahoo!) Not sure what the idea was with taking the subway (I get that part) and then a bus (whah?) to the Youth Park, when--even with bus lanes--a taxi would probably be a better bet. Fortunately, it was pretty much that decision that doomed them as they arrived at the park in last place.

(For the record, I totally would have chosen the Earth Detour this week; it's all mind over matter and if you just walk quickly, it couldn't have been that bad. And that Roadblock? Awesome!)

I whooped and hollered when Nick and Don managed to show up at the Pit Stop before Nate and Jen, who continued to show their true colors by complaining about the other teams. While, yes, TK and Rachel were low-key throughout this competition, I'd hardly call them lazy or say that they weren't trying. I was impressed with the way that they managed to finish their Speed Bump--a rather cool one in which they ran through a field of fireworks--and got back on track to catch up with Nick and Don and Nate and Jen. Especially as Nate and Jen were so obviously NOT pleased to see them. Ha ha, as Nelson Muntz might say.

I do think this is the first time that three underdog teams have managed to make it into the final three, a really unusual and rather interesting turn as there is no clear cut winner among the pack. I also have to say that I'd be okay with any of the three remaining teams walking away with the million dollars, but that cash would definitely be a nifty accessory to those "electric vehicles" Chris and Ron won last week. And, maybe I missed something, but did Chris manage to secure the last seats on that plane or was the flight not sold out? Color me confused.

Best line of the night: "Are you the happy guy?" - Don, to the Asian clown.

Next week on the season finale of The Amazing Race ("The Final Push"), the final three teams race to the finish line, crossing cities, wilderness, ocean, glaciers, and national park in their final leg; one warring team comes together, while another one falls apart; Nick misreads a vital clue, much to the consternation of Don. Who will win and walk away with a million-dollar prize? Find out next week.


Anonymous said…
OMG I love it too,.. hoping Nic & Don can pull a win next week.
Anonymous said…
We were all jumping up and and down for joy when Nick & Don arrived 3rd. Before that I kept yelling, "Damn you editing - don't get my hopes up!"

I think this is the first time I can say I would be truly happy with any of the 3 teams, though I am rooting for Tk & Rachel (Ron and Chris after them).

That Roadblock looked awesome!!

I liked that not only did Ron not get all impatient and start yelling (you can clearly see his growth over the season), but went beyond and was even...encouraging. When she was walking across the stones, and he was telling her to think of it like a massage, that was a big step.

I, too, was confused about that flight - full or not?
Fantabulous episode! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. (Except for when I was rolling on the floor with laughter.)

I was so happy to see Jen and Nate go, even though they provided endless entertainment with their made up words and constant bickering. But I would have been disgusted if they'd won a million bucks.

I love that the three remaining teams are unexpected ones and I really hope that Ron and Christine pull it off and take home the prize.
Anonymous said…
As hilarious as Nate and Jen were to watch at times - that 'Thai' comment killed me - I'm so glad they didn't make it to the final. Now I can honestly say I'd be happy with any of the final three winning it.

I'd love to see TK and Rachel take the money, but Chris and Ron have grown on me so much - she is a sweetheart - and Nick and Don are great fun. I just hope it's a good finale now.
JJB said…
In addition to the Thai food comment, I cringed each time Jen mispronounced Taipei, "ta-pie."
Anonymous said…
It was a great episode. I wonder what those lanterns that they lite up and let go were?? Does anyone have any ideas or website to check out about that?? It was a brief clip when they were traveling to Taiwan.
Anonymous said…
Hi Roddie,

To answer you question, the latern thing is called Kongming latern.

Pingsi, Taipei is the place where the main attraction is.

Hope this helps.

Emily :)

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