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"Top Chef" Crystal Ball: Who Will Win Tonight's Season Finale?

Only three chefs remain.

With the season finale of Top Chef: Las Vegas set to air tonight, I'm curious to see just who you think will walk away the ultimate victor of this season of Bravo's deliciously addictive culinary competition series. (I'm still bummed that Jennifer Carroll is out of the running, however. Sigh.)

Personally, my money is on Kevin. He's proven himself more than capable of not only dealing with the intense pressure of the competition but also staying true to his culinary ethos and style and his deceptively "simple" dishes have wowed the judges and diners alike throughout the course of the season.

Of course, Bryan and Michael Voltaggio are both extremely talented competitors and either of them could create the winning dish. But I have a feeling that the sibling rivalry that's marked the competition so far could be their ultimate undoing. Will the Voltaggios cancel each other out? Are they more focused on beating one another than on beating Kevin?

Who do you think will walk away with the title of Top Chef and why? Discuss.

The season finale of Top Chef: Las Vegas airs tonight at 10 pm ET/PT on Bravo.


Jenni Lou said…
Kevin or Brian works for me. I don't like Michael very much though.
Annie said…
Kevin definitely.
Kat said…
Anyone but Michael!
Paige Madison said…
In order of preference, Kevin, Bryan, Michael. I think Kevin is the most consistent and tends not to overthink things as much as Bryan and Michael. Michael is way to arrogant and needs to be taken down a couple of notches. He swings for the fences with his dishes and misses from time to time. Bryan is in the middle for me. I like him ok, but not as much as I like Kevin. I wish I loved closer to Atlanta to try his food in person. I do however plan on one of these days making a day of going up to Frederick, MD and eating at Volt.
Sue said…
My vote is for Kevin. I actually kind of had him pegged as taking it all within the 1st few weeks.

If Bryan wins, I'll be ok with that, too; however, I don't feel the same about Michael. He should've been gone last week instead of Jen (miss her!). Since I live in Philly, I'd like to go her restaurant, but I fear it is out of my price range.
If you could somehow combine Bryan and Michael you would have one seriously bad ass chef but, since that is not a possibility, I'm going to go with Kevin. While the Voltaggio brothers have both had some incredible triumphs, Kevin's work has been consistently fantastic and I think it's definitely his game to lose at this point.
jmixont said…
K said…
Kevin! I think the producers have had a real interest in promoting sustainable and local food this season and Kevin is the epitome of that.
Kirstie said…
I like both Kevin and Brian. They've both done consistantly better than Micheal. I really want Kevin to win and the judges just to let the Voltaggio brothers tie.

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