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Comic-Con 2008: Who's In?

As we near the kick-off of the 2008 San Diego International Comic-Con (or just Comic-Con to its loyal attendees), I'm curious to know who among us is planning on attending this year.

I'll be attending once again this year, frantically running from panel to panel and trying to keep a burgeoning schedule of television-related events straight in my head. It will especially difficult this year, with a jam-packed schedule of events that seems to include nearly every single television series remotely connected to the genre (Dollhouse, Fringe, Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Doctor Who, Torchwood), a few dramas that have used the con to reach out to fans in the past (24), and many, many series that are making their first stop at the convention (Bones, The Office, etc.)

Yes, it's officially television overload at Comic-Con this year, with many TV panels scheduled at the same time, leading to all sorts of scheduling conflicts for the TV-centric among us.

I am curious: which panels are you guys planning to attend? Which ones will you fight tooth and nail to into and which ones would you be disappointed about getting shut out of?

In any event, I'll be at Comic-Con beginning this Thursday, so if you see someone frantically scribbling into a pad and dashing around the convention center like a madman, it's likely me.


Anonymous said…
I'll be there with my fellow Nice Girls, trying to juggle our own packed schedule. Whose bright idea was it to schedule Chuck and Pushing Daisies at the same time?!??!
justine said…
I'm pretty positive Bones has been at Comic Con before, but not the entire cast.
Rae said…
The question isn't what I'm planning to attend, it's what I'll actually get to attend. ;)

Honestly, I'm happy that so many more shows will be represented this year but I wish there wasn't as much overlap. Making me choose between Chuck and Pushing Daisies is just wrong.
danielletbd said…
I'll be there over the weekend covering various events as a first-timer so any tips on how to ensure i get the most out of the experience would be greatly appreciated!

RTVW, I totally know your pain: the "Supernatural" panel is opposite "Harold & Kumar" and choosing who I love more-- Jensen Ackles and Neil Patrick Harris-- is criminal!
Anonymous said…
I wish I could attend this! Another thing to add to the list! it's up there with the Grand Prix with beautiful Danica Patrick! My favorite things, just out of my reach... how sad... have fun for me people!
The CineManiac said…
While you lot are all off gallivanting with celebrities and having a blast I'll sadly be stuck in Texas studying for the Bar which is next Tues, Wed, & Thurs (Happy thoughts, prayer. etc my way are appreciated)
I think I'm saddest that I'll be missing the Dr. Horrible panel, which if it were me I'd just find that room at the beginning of the day and sit through whatever went on until Whedon and crew showed up.
(Thats the lesson I learned when it sold out on Sat last year, find the room with the most stuff you want to be at and just sit there the entire time, as the lines get far too long otherwise)
Anonymous said…
Sadly won't be there but that comes from not being able to afford the airfare/hotel/ticket but I can't wait to read all about it.
Anonymous said…
I am all about TV but I am also looking forward to some of the comics panels too. That said I wish it was here all ready.
Anonymous said…
It DOES seem like bad planning to have Chuck and PD at the same time.

Have fun! I am staying far away.

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