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Talk Back: FOX's "Mental"

You had the chance to read my advance review of the pilot episode of Mental, but I am curious to know what you thought of the pilot yourselves.

Did you fall for the charms of Dr. Jack Gallagher (Chris Vance) in this new medical drama series as he treats his patients with some rather unorthodox approaches? Did you think it was a little too similar to House territory? Were you taken in by the series' cast, including Jacqueline McKenzie, Annabella Sciorra, Derek Webster, Marisa Ramierez, and Nicholas Gonzalez? Or were you bored silly?

And most importantly: will you watch the series again next week? Talk back here.

Mental airs Tuesday nights at 9 pm ET/PT on FOX.


linda lou said…
I just read your initial review after watching the premiere and I think your comments are spot-on. This show is too close to "House" with nothing new to offer- I'm sure it's lifetime is limited.

What I do like is that it is nice to see a show that addresses mental health issues and how it impacts families. If I watch another episode, it will be only for this reason.
Riley said…
Ugh. This was painfully boring and predictable. I really liked Jacqueline McKenzie in The 4400 but, here, she kind of irritated me. Definitely won't be tuning in again.
Michel Arouca said…
Achei muito zuado. Fraco pra caramba e como vc mesmo falou é chupim pra kct de House.
Fiz uma review la no meu blog tb
Mazza said…
Turned it off halway thru. Filled with some really unlikable characters and just BORING. House it ain't.
Angela Seraphine said…
I fail to see the similarity to HOUSE. I like that it puts mental illness in a relatable format and shares the challenges facing those suffering with living with mental illness - without poking fun. The storyline was lame, characters likable enough but the whole thing just fell flat in my opinion. I will, however, watch again next week.
Sue said…
This show was so boring. I turned it off after the opening credits and watched the rest of "50 Funniest Catchphrases" on NBC. I really wish Jacqueline McKenzie found a better vehicle to showcase her talents. She rocked in "The 4400".
peggy said…
I enjoyed the show.I believe mental health issues should be brought out ,not be ashamed and hidden.Did I see David Carridine to be appearing next week? Im sure I'll be watching
Unknown said…
Sorry, seemed phony to me, like an hour long ad for pharmaceutical companies made by people who need a reality check. (I was going to say made by people who don't have a clue, but I don't want to give them any false hope that they might be able to get one.)
Georgene said…
I truly enjoyed this show and look forward to its return.

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