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"Ugly Betty" Shocks with Alexis' Coming Out

Over on Ugly Betty ("Coming Out"), I was shocked, shocked, shocked that they would already have Alexis (Rebecca Romijn) reveal herself to her family as the former (and presumed dead) Alex Meade so quickly.

But then again, I'm not sure how long they could have drawn out Daniel, in a very melodramatic twist, flirting with a woman who used to be his brother. (How seriously creepy was that? I still can't get that out of my head.)

While I knew that Alexis and Wilhelmina were planning something big, I didn't figure that Alexis would expose herself (not literally, of course) in front of the assembled fashionista masses at Fashion Week AND have Bradford arrested for the murder of Faye Sommers all in one fell swoop. Daring divas, these. I'm still not quite sure why Alexis hates Daniel so much (though hitting on one's dead brother's ex-girlfriends isn't exactly fine form), seeing as it was Daniel who was so jealous of Bradford and Alex's relationship. (Then again, perhaps the mutual jealousy of Betty and Hilda is particularly apt.)

Still, one question remains: who exactly did the Meades bury if it wasn't Alex? And what evidence do Alexis and Wilhelmina have on Bradford? (Okay, that was two questions.)

Marc and Amanda are, as ever, one of my favorite things about Ugly Betty. I can't help but laugh every time they conspire. Loved Justin and Wilhelmina together. These two unlikely comperes are perfect television comedy and seeing Justin be Willy's eyes last night was priceless; get these two fashionistas together more often. I don't care how the writers do it, I just want it.

Daniel and Hilda hooking up? Had to happen eventually, and I'm glad it did when both were having such problems with their siblings. I don't see anything long-term in the cards for these two, but it's a fitting twist in an episode that's filled with them.

I've so had enough with Ignacio and the immigration storyline. There, I've said it.

Glad to see that Betty finally found out about Henry's post-Christmas party call and confronted Hilda about why she never told her about the call. It's been a long time coming. I love Betty and Henry together and hope that she kicks sad sack Walter to the curb before, rather than after, Valentine's Day.

Next week on Ugly Betty ("Brothers"), Alexis' stunning announcement leaves the Meade family in ruin and leaves Mode magazine in chaos as Alexis and Wilhelmina make their move.


Anonymous said…
I, too, was surprised the reveal came so early. I am also a bit confused as to why Alex seems to hate Daniel so much. Hitting on dead brother's gf is not enough (especially when said brother has been "dead" 3 years). I guess we will find out.

Loved that Betty finally found out about Henry's phone call and it was resolved with a subtlety (not this show's strong suit, which is also why I love it so).

Wil and Justin - brilliant!

SO over immigration story. And Katharine McPhee? Why?
Wilhelmina and Justin together was comedic gold. They almost outdid Mark and Amanda for funniest "Betty" duo!

And the unfunniest duo crown goes to Ignacio and the immigration worker.

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