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Televisionary Side Note: Fash and Kristen Bell

Is it just me or are you totally creeped out by the Old Navy "Fash" commercials that are currently airing in cineplexes around the country?

Starring Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell (with a cameo from former Veronica Mars co-star Tessa Thompson), the commercials revolve around the adventures of Fash, a diminutive marionette who happens to be a serious ladies' man.

The two spots currently airing, entitled "Football" and "Date," involve Fash's rebellious nature. The first involves Kristen Bell and Tessa Thompson swooning over Fash on the well-manicured campus of an unnamed university. (Hearst College, perhaps?) The second spot features Fash picking Kristen Bell up for a date and ruffling the feathers of her overprotective "parents" before kissing Kristen and speeding off in a vintage car.

Both "Fash" spots completely weird me out. And not in a David Lynchian "Calvin Klein Obsession" commercial kind of way. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be ironic... or just cheesy. But they are most definitely irritating beyond belief.

Sorry, Kristen. I'm not sure what Old Navy is selling, but I'm not buying... The ads themselves can be viewed online but be forewarned: they are not for the faint of heart. I'm just glad I could get this off of my chest finally...


Anonymous said…
Hmmm....I am both creeped out and giggly. I saw both of them before Little Miss Sunshine, and the first one just kind of had me mouth open, but then giggling. the second one mostly had me giggling and then looking at Q as if to say, "WTF?"

There is something about that fash...
Brock said…
I actually love these commercials. Are you sure that the college themed one had "Jackie" in it? It looks like another actress.

And what's with the interracial couple as Kristen's parents? I'm not a racist but I thought the color blind casting with a bit odd here....

though i still love these commercials. Fash is the man!
Anonymous said…
It was definitely VM's "Jackie" in the spot. She and Kristen are the best things about the commercials. They kind of amused me the first time I saw them but on a second viewing they got annoying.
Anonymous said…
I saw one before a movie in the theater and at first I was excited because Kristen Bell was in it. But then I actually saw the whole thing, and it really weirded me out.
Anonymous said…
"unnamed university" = filmed on USC campus.

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