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An Open Letter to Sophia Myles, New to CBS' "Moonlight"

Dear Sophia,

I've been a fan of yours ever since I saw you in that absolutely brilliant episode of Doctor Who ("The Girl in the Fireplace"), where you appeared as the headstrong and lovelorn Madame de Pompadour. You've appeared in other productions high up on my radar, like Extras, Masterpiece Theatre's adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, Underworld: Evolution, Art School Confidential, and Tristan + Isolde.

So what are you doing slumming it in CBS's fall drama Moonlight (formerly known as Twilight)?

Sure, I'm sure your agent at ICM sold you on the fact that it's a starring role on a network series (the Tiffany Network, no less) and played up the fact that they brought in Angel co-creator David Greenwalt to punch things up, but come on now, Soph. Did you see that abysmal pilot presentation they shot with Alex O'Loughlin and The OC's Shannon Lucio (whom you're replacing)?

Now, let's be honest: you're definitely more of a leading lady and much more of a serious actress than Lucio, who imbued "beautiful, ambitious" investigative reporter Beth Turner with a blasé MySpace generation mentality, but I was really hoping for more from you than appearing in a third-rate Angel/Forever Knight ripoff.

I'd urge you to reconsider, but we all know that the clock is already ticking for Moonlight, the odd man out in terms of CBS' fall schedule. Tick tock...

Jace at Televisionary


Anonymous said…
I love Sophia Myles too but, unfortunately, I don't think many people know who she is here in the states. A girl's got to make a living. Hopefully, this will at least give her a little more exposure and will lead this talented actress to better and brighter things.
Unknown said…
Sophia was awesome in The Girl in the Fireplace. She made it a (if not the) favorite episode for me.
Jace Lacob said…

Hands down "The Girl in the Fireplace" was my favorite Doctor Who to date. I have it on my iPod and can't help but watch it constantly.
Carrie said…
Heh, I kind of liked the Moonlight presentation, in a cheesy vampire fun sort of way. I think it has a chance, being scheduled after Ghost Whisperer.

I was pretty happy to hear Sophia Myles was the replacement. She was great in The Girl in the Fireplace.
TxGowan said…
I loved her in that episode, too. You know she and David Tennett are a couple? Explains the chemistry.

Honestly I had hoped when Billie Piper left that they'd have found some way for The Doctor to go back and pick her up and she'd be his new companion. I'd have liked for them to shake up the companion role with someone that The Doctor was actually interested in romantically (which I know is a bone of some contention amongst die hard fans) or at the very least someone more his equal somewhat akin to Romana back in the day.

Either way, I haven't seen the pilot for this show, but it does seem like it's going to be DOA. At least she'll have picked up a paycheck and maybe gotten a bit more exposure to US audiences.
The CineManiac said…
I have to agree with everyone, The Girl in the Fireplace was a fantastic episode and personally it was the episode got me to accept David Tennant as The Doctor, and in fact made me forget Eccleson.
I'm actually kind of looking forward to this show now that Grenwalt is involved and they've brought in Myles (Whose one of the most beautiful actresses out there in my book)
Anonymous said…
This is why I love this blog. Thanks for the info and the humorous way you delivered it. I love Sophia but I will not be tuning into this mess of a show anytime soon.
Anonymous said…
Sophie, all I can say is, YOUR HAIR?!?!?!
I like the show so far, it is getting better. It does lack that certain something but I am going to stick with it and see how it develops...
Anonymous said…
Sophia is great as Beth on Moonlight, and this is a GREAT SHOW.

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