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FOX Orders Third Season of "Prison Break," Promises Actual Prison This Time

Michael and Lincoln might still be on the run, but FOX has opted to keep the escaped prisoners around for a while longer, ordering a third season of drama Prison Break.

While the network is being coy with potential storylines for Season Three, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that it's likely that Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) would return to life behind bars (i.e. prison) next season, along with several of their fellow fugitives.

The series will feature the return of several familiar faces from the first two seasons, along with a bunch of new characters, many of whom will not be American. Those comments lead many to indicate that the brothers will be imprisoned in Panama.

Prison Break's creator/executive producer Paul Scheuring said that Season Three "essentially will be a new chapter. It's going to return to the fundamental conceit, to the roots of what the show was about."

He also hinted that, while both Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are set to return next season, neither one of them is 100% safe, implying that one of their characters might not stick around (in this mortal coil, I assume) after the first few episodes.


The CineManiac said…
Wasn't it both the Creator AND the star Miller who said this was really a one of two season show. The longer this stays on the air, the less I care.
Anonymous said…
i think its gettin boring cuz they still on the run...bring up somethin else...then may be a third season shud come out...and ya u make another series with the samwe casting!! it wud be awesome..
Anonymous said…
I think that prison break is one of the best shows on fox! It should never get cancelled at this rate.
Anonymous said…
prison break is the best thing in the world i adore it im so hooked its unbelievable , even my mom and dad say im addivted to it , and i cant wait for season 3 . miller and purcell r great people and great actors .
Anonymous said…
prison break is the best tv show everrr. but dey cnt end up behind bars again n neither micheal or linkin can die it jus wont b rite if one does dey hav to stay alive n be free.
Anonymous said…
prison break is gr8 ive neva been so hooked on a tv show b4. cnt wait till season 3 but it has to b a happy endin it has to.
Anonymous said…
There is just no way you can leave us hanging on the edge of our seats... We have no Idea what to expect... you cannot cancel the show it is the only show me and all my friends watch and the only one worth watching.. please dont cancel it
Anonymous said…
i never got to see it on tv but have downloaded the whole 1st and 2nd series and whatched it non stop for a week its f**kin' amazing i will be gutted beyond all reason if this dosen't carry on, i thought i was hooked on lost but this has blown me out of the water... GRADE A TELE,,YEAAAHHHH!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I would really like to offer the characters some Tunafish Sandwiches. They are yummy and would make them not run anymore. With or without mayonaise, their choice. I don't want to push the mayonaise on anyone. Some like it, some don't. But no lettuce. I think that lettuce detracts from the tunafishiness of the tunafish sandwich.

Also, they should really have a new character, such as oscar the grouch come on. I know it seems like a stretch, but can you imagine if Oscar the Grouch was there and broke them out. If not Oscar, why not "the great gazoo" from the Flintstones. An alien could add a lot.

Anyway, to summerize, tunafish and a new character. That's it. I look forward to season 3!!!

-Johann Festitit
Jackson, Mississippi
Anonymous said…
Well, the last comment was about Tunafish for goodness sake. We are talking about PRISON BREAK HERE!!! Common. Seriously, if there's anything the characters need, it's some Deviled Eggs. Man, they are good in my hood.

I think that if they had them with extra Paprika it would give them the edge so badly needed.

As for another character, THAT I AGREE WITH! But Mr. Snuffalufagus or Tea Bag having a three-way with Bert and Ernie would be better. Nothing like some good man-on-muppet gay sex to make a prison thriller better.

What a GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
if god created humans and has created wentworth miller.He is the amzing person u will ever know
the beauty of of his eyes the beauty of his face structure is just unpredictable and is amzing.

the buffest man o earth he is. he sure is. thats my baby thats my man.
its not a jock u people i have met him during the making of utah episodes and i have a photo of him on my bedroom
Anonymous said…
Prison Break has captured everyones attention... Breaking a prison seems to be a very boring idea because lots of movies and tv shows have used it. However Prison Break from FOX has changed everything, the story, the characters, I can believe how good this show is... I have downloaded the two seasons and I can not wait ´till august for third season.. come on!!!! Prison Break fans can not wait that long!!! Hurry Up with that season...!!!

Renzo Márquez R9.. prison break Rifa!!!
Culiacán, Sinaloa, México
Anonymous said…
Prison break should have been a 1 or 2 season show. The more it drags on the worse the ending will be. I love the show however I fear it will end up like 'Lost' (The show that never ends) or the 'OC' (the show that had a sudden ending). I don't know why they try and squeeze every penny out of every show... instead of making it something to remember they make it something that doesn't eventually rate..... How many shows can people watch that don't have endings.

Please finish the show this season. It should have finished when the president stepped down. Don't ruin a good thing!
Jennifer said…
i absolutly love prison break i am that hooked its not funny its one of the only tv shows i have ever felt this way about its just awsome!! im so happy there is a third season! i was scared for a min that there wouldnt be! everyone that says its getting boring and dragging on are just stupid its amazing i love it and i can not wait untill third season comes out! wat i dont get is the last episode lincion found out he got off free and michale got court... but it says here that they both go back behind bars, how wouls lincon go back if it got called off??? but than again there are so many twists i guess somthing will come up!! im really excited and cant wait for wat season three will bring!! lol obsessed fan!! ps i love wentworth miller such a honey..
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
prison break is so unfactual its just another attempt for fox to put a bogus show on the air to catch the attention of the goombas of the world

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