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Stung By A Spelling Bee: An "Amazing Race" Elimination Shocker

Oh. My. God.

I am in shock. Serious, serious shock. And I never thought I'd be capable of uttering the words, but I'm sort of heartbroken about Rob and Amber getting eliminated.

Yes, sometimes even I can surprise myself. It seems that the team I was previous rooting to lose (for the last several years, it seems) finally won me over... just in time for them to get booted from The Amazing Race in a shocking twist, all because Rob couldn't spell Philippines.

That's right. It didn't come down to a foot race or airline tickets or unclear directions. What it came down to in the end was that one single mistake during the Detour in which Rob correctly realized that Magellan's travels began in Seville (come on people, common sense says it couldn't have been Guam) but couldn't manage to suss out that he had incorrectly spelled the Philippines. (He even hoped that the reason the judge wouldn't give them the clue wasn't because of a spelling error. Hint: it's one L and two P's.) Sure, they didn't get eliminated right there and then but it did propel Romber right to the back of the pack. It also didn't help that Rob lead them, paired up with the Beauty Queens, to the wrong location (not a naval museum, dude).

I would have never imagined that the team that came in first place three legs in a row would be duking it out with Charla and Mirna (yes, Charla and Mirna) for last place. But that's exactly what happened, as they arrived on top of one another at Bahia La Pataia, where the other teams had already gathered. From there, they would board boats, leaving 20 minutes apart, to take them across the bay to Isla Redonda, the End of the World, at the cutest darn post office you've ever seen. Rob and Amber boarded the second to last boat with Uchenna and Joyce and began the Road Block, a task involving searching through 1600 letters for a single envelope addressed to them. After reading the letter (from fellow competitors on the first TAR they ran), they can then search the island for the pit stop.

Was it just me or did Charla and Mirna's boat arrive WAY too quickly? The other teams' boats didn't ever seem to catch up quite that quickly. Mirna dives into the Road Block as Rob starts to sweat it out. I did NOT like the way that Charla actually spoke to Mirna and helped her out on the Road Block (which is, I believe, strictly verboten according to the rules) by suggesting she look at particular white envelopes. (Sorry, ladies, but cheating doesn't equal Amber lying to you a few minutes earlier; you were just too stupid to fall for it.) Mirna finds the envelope and they take off with Rob and Amber in pursuit a few minutes behind them.

But, alas, Rob and Amber are the last team to check in. Despite hoping this would be a non-elimination round, I was saddened to see Phil tell them that they have been eliminated from the race. I actually got a little verklempt at that part, to be honest. I really thought that Romber would be still kicking in the final leg of TAR: All-Stars, trying again for that million dollar prize at the end of the race.

Wow. I'm still just... shocked.

A few other thoughts: I was VERY happy that Danny and Oswald ended up coming in first place. I'm really rooting for these guys to take home the prize and maybe fight it out with the Beauty Queens, if they can get their act together. (They've been a wee bit off their game recently.)

Danielle: it's a charter flight to Argentina, not Australia. Ouch.

Karlyn couldn't bring herself to sign that letter to Dustin and Kandice? Oh puhlease. Loved that some of the letters were nice, while others were downright nasty...

Lastly, I could not believe the way that Mirna was talking to Charla. It was downright embarrassing to hear her talk to (and about) her cousin that way. I'm sorry but most of the time it's been Charla who's carried their team along, not Mirna. (Remember that slab of beef, anyone?) Mirna is so aggressively rude to Charla (the whole screaming her head off about the passports and then during the sign-building challenge) that my jaw was lodged on the floor. I just wanted to slap some sense into that woman. Seriously, I loathe her more each and every second she spends on screen. Am I alone in feeling this way?

Next week on The Amazing Race: it's fighting time as Eric and Danielle and the Guidos engage in a heated verbal exchange; the teams must complete a challenge involving a cute, little, furry... rat?

What's On Tonight

8 pm: The New Adventures of Old Christine/The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS); Deal or No Deal (NBC; 8-10 pm); Everybody Hates Chris/All of Us (CW); Wife Swap (ABC); House (FOX)

9 pm: Two and a Half Men/Rules of Engagement (CBS); Girlfriends/The Game (CW); Supernanny (ABC); 24 (FOX)

10 pm: CSI: Miami (CBS); The Black Donnellys (NBC); What About Brian (ABC)

What I'll Be Watching

8-9 pm: Old Christine.

Yay! Old Christine returns with two new episodes tonight. On the first ("Sleepless in Mar Vista"), Christine discovers that she made some embarrassing phone calls while doped up on sleeping bills. On the second ("Undercover Brother"), Christine learns something rather stunning about Richard after sleeping with his attractive brother (guest star Charles Esten). Oh, Christine, I've missed you.

8 pm: Everybody Hates Chris.

On tonight's repeat episode ("Everybody Hates Superstition"), Chris discovers that everything he touches turns to gold (well, not literally, anyway) after Julius lends him a pair of lucky socks. Meanwhile, Drew and Tanya decide to pit Rochelle and Julius against one another. Uh-oh.

9 pm: 24.

It's Day Six of 24. While FOX doesn't give us much in the way of previews, here's what we do know: Noah Daniels and Tom Lennox have a heart-to-heart, Logan is forced to turn to a rather unexpected person for help with the situation at the Russian consultate, while newcomer Mike Doyle (Rick Schroder) joins the hunt for new leads.

10 pm: The Riches on FX.

It's the premiere of new drama The Riches on FX. In the pilot, a family of Irish Travellers (read: gypsies) assume the identities of a wealthy family in an upscale suburban community, following their accidental deaths. It's a bit of a messy pilot, but, trust me, things start to really kick up in the second and third episodes.


rockauteur said…
I am absolutely CRUSHED. I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode, especially once Romber made the Philipines spelling mistake at the Detour. I still had a feeling they would triumph and I still felt like it was going to be a non-elimination round (with three of them this season, next week MUST be). Oh why couldn't producers choose to make this leg last minute a non-elim round in order to keep Romber in the game?

I have almost no reason to watch the show, as Romber was THE team I was rooting for and I thought after their three leg first place victories that they would easily make it to the finals, perhaps set in a rematch with Uchenna and Joyce for the prize. At least Romber played gracefully with each other, never fighting, and always smiling/laughing, even in the final moments after being beat at the Roadblack by Satan and her midget sidekick, and even at the mat once they were eliminated. And hey, at least they have three great prizes "to enjoy after the race."

Still, I was unable to sleep last night, so upset about their failure and elimination. Over the last few years Romber has felt like my friends, watching them first on Survivor, then Amazing Race, and even Rob & Amber: Against the Odds on Fox Reality channel. Hopefully they'll get a second season of that so I can catch more of their adventures.

Man, I am crushed. Nobody left really to route for, so I guess I'll go for the Cha Cha's who made the race look effortless their first go-around and seem to be excelling again here. I like Dustin and Kandace, but their intelligence this season has taken a strike back. And I guess I can throw in a ballot to root for Uchenna and Joyce, who as the only Race winners, at least deserve to be in the All-Star edition. They beat Romber twice, and I guess that sells them for me.
Anonymous said…
I was surprised as well at how bummed I was to see Rob and Amber go, but I think that it was mostly because it meant that Charla and Mirna got to stay. Mirna has to be the most self-righteous racer EVER and the way she was berating Charla last night made me want to jump in the television and slap her. Ugh. Although, one of my favorite moments last night was when they read their nasty letter. So funny!
Anonymous said…
I am with Whitney - part of it is just that it meant C&M got to stay. And they are both so unlikable. I just really can't stand them. Mirna asking Amber, "Why did you lie to us?" Uh, cause it's a race for a million dollars, dumbass?

I, too, was surprised at how bummed I was at Rob & Amber getting eliminated. And all because they spent SO long on that stupid sign task. If only they'd cut bait sooner. If, if, if. If David and Mary hadn't missed the sign last week...

I can't believe I found myself rooting for them. I was sad. But they took it so well. Very gracious.
I'm still in shock. I hated Rob and Amber (well, at least Rob) the first time they were on the Race but I've really, really enjoyed them on All Stars. They were always great at communicating and played the game brilliantly.

It pains me to know that Charla and Mirna are still in the race. Mirna is truly a horrible human being. I can't believe she said she has to "carry"' Charla. Charla not only does most of the work in the team but also has to put up with all of Mirna's nonsense. She deserves a medal.

The one good thing about last night's episode was that Danny and Oswald came in first. I'm definitely routing for them. I still like the blondes but they have not yet proven themselves this season. Let's get on it, girls!
Unknown said…
I'm shocked too at Romber's elimination. I thought it would be a non-elimination round too. I prayed Charla and Mirna would get the boot because they are THE most annoying people and I've come to despise them. I was surprised at Romber's good demeanor upon finding out they were eliminated. The kids are classy!
Anonymous said…
Well, I am a little bit glad that they got eliminated, as whenever a likable team is in last during a non-elimination round, everyone screams about the show being fixed. Clearly, it's not, as the producers would have loved to keep Rob and Amber. They got star power! And I love how everyone hates them at first but eventually you come around. I HATED Rob after his first tour on Survivor, but by Survivor All Stars, I liked the guy. They ran the race brilliantly the first time and I don't like Joyce and Uchena acting like it was God and all things good and holy that made Rob and Amber lose. I hope they make Joyce shave her head again.

All in all, I am not a fan of All Stars. Terrible casting. I remember when the group photo was released, I didn't recognize most of the racers (I began watching in Season 4). It's as though producers picked only teams that they liked and not teams that make for good tv. I would have preferred teams of returning winners or all mixed teams of rivals from previous seasons. Survivor All Stars was fun. Big Brother All Stars was crap, and now Amazing Race All Stars is dull. Enough with the All Stars all ready!
Roadtrippers said…
omg I am so sad....I kinda really liked them both. ohhh hey you can totally get a last glimps of them at the elimination station (super awesome btw)

-Cheers guys!

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