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Checking in with the Gang from "Chuck"

I'm still recovering from the past few days of junkets and press days for some of my favorite series, but one of the highlights has got to be hanging out with Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and Adam Baldwin from Chuck.

Yes, I spent yesterday with the troika from NBC's spy-themed action comedy while they shot some promos and photos to publicize the first season of Chuck, currently sold into more territories around the world than I can count.

While I still have to sift through my notes and transcribe the several hours worth of digital tape, I'll just tell you now that this threesome is just as hilarious and dynamic as they seem on the television screen.

While last week's episode of Chuck was the last one we'll be seeing for now, there are two more completed episodes in the can (the cast wrapped this past week), but it's anybody's guess as to when we'll be seeing these comedic gems. (My thoughts: it's February sweeps.) What we do know is that the next episode--whenever it does air--will reveal a hell of a lot about Casey's backstory and possibly reveal why he's so against on-the-job romances. Lest you think that the sadly destroyed Crown Vic was Casey's one true love, rest assured there is "a fleshy one," says Adam Baldwin. Hmmm.

It's only fitting that Zachary Levi is as much of a Lost groupie as I am. "The best TV show ever made" is how Zach described the mind-trippy ABC series, before launching into an animated debate on who was in the coffin in the Season Three finale and, naturally, that shocking twist ending. And, no, he's not acting when he waxes philosophical about gaming or other geeky pursuits ("Infinity Gauntlet," anyone?). Oh and Yvonne Strahovski likes to krump between takes or do something called the "3 a.m. pterodactyl dance."

As for what else is on tap--including practical jokes on the set, what other series these lovely actors like to watch (Adam Baldwin watches Project Runway and can do a mean Tim Gunn impersonation?!?), and lots more--check back here in a few days' time.

Full story can be found here.


cj said…
I've been following this blog quietly for a while now, but I have to speak up - not only do I agree with so much of what you say, but you're hanging out with these awesome people as well!

I'm totally curious, how do these TV blogs get started? And what's the difference between ones who get to meet the stars and ones who don't? Because there's obviously plenty of casual, not involved blogging around.

I also hope to get plenty more Chuck episodes in the future ( along with other shows ). It's hard because I support the writers, but it hurts to be deprived of good TV. :\
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Glad to hear that the "Chuck" cast are just as entertaining in person as they are on screen. Looking forward to reading more about your time with them!
Anonymous said…
Giggle. Can't wait.
Jace Lacob said…
Hey Miko! Thanks for reading! I started Televisionary on a whim nearly two years ago and have been steadily posting every day since. I work in the TV business so there is a little crossover, from time to time, with what I do here and my day job.

There is definitely a lot of casual blogging around in the blogosphere but those blogs that typically feature interviews and the like (and there are several of those here, including Kristen Bell, Chuck creator Josh Schwartz and Zachary Levi, the cast of Pushing Daisies and creator Bryan Fuller, Glenn Close, etc.) typically have relationships with the studio/network publicists who set these things up for us.

Keep reading!
Unknown said…
There aren't many cast members I'd like to meet. Obviously, actors are different from their characters, but for some reason, Chuck's cast seem like people I'd like to hang out with. I suspect I'll have to live vicariously through your experiences, Jace. (I do hope this show gets picked up.)
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, you are one lucky guy! I absolutly love Chuck - actually, love isn't the word [although I do love it] I'm totally obsessed with it. You shall share some more of that digital tape of yours. Such an amazing show, such amazing cast!

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