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"Lost": The Return

Anxious to catch another glimpse at the fourth season of Lost?

ABC has released an alternate and extended version of the Lost theatrical trailer which made the rounds last week.

The 1:47-length trailer, viewable at TV Week, includes dialogue and several tantalizing scenes that weren't in that original teaser, including: a confrontation between Jack and the castaways' purported savior, who might not really be there to rescue them after all; a shot of what appears to be Christian Shephard (!) sitting in a chair, possibly seen through a window by Hurley; Hurley jumping into the ocean and expressing his hopes for freedom once they get off of the island (from, I assume, the cursed numbers); Jack and Kate hiding in the rain-soaked jungle; Locke telling everyone that if they want to live, they have to follow him; Sun anxious to have her baby in a hospital; Locke shooting Ben (?); a Dharma brand containing a Hydra; the revelation of a traitor; and a telling scene between Kate and Sawyer in which he says that he's doing what he's always done: surviving.

And that beautiful shot of the helicopter flying over the deep blue ocean? Priceless.

But what is up with the flash of a blue number 6 on the face of Ken Leung (shown at left)? Hint: it can only be seen clearly when pausing and scrolling through the trailer slowly. Creepy... Do only six of our castaways make it off the island?

Could history be repeating itself yet again and a new batch of invaders has arrived on the island, hell-bent on destroying the "hostiles" and taking what's theirs? Or is there something else going on here?

I don't know about you but I cannot wait for Season Four of Lost, which kicks off January 31st on ABC, even if there might only be eight episodes this season.

The return can't come quickly enough...


The CineManiac said…
I want ti to return, but at the same time I don't, cause I want all 16 episodes. I'm so torn.
Kevin Sole said…

Wow, wow, wow.

Gonna watch that trailer several hundred more times, you can be certain of that. :)

But, I'm behind on my news. It'll return, but only with 8 episodes? I thought the last three seasons were going to be 16 episodes each?

Is THAT related to the strike?
Anonymous said…
I'm hoping that the 8 episodes form a mini arc with a beginning, middle, and end (or cliff hanger end) that feels satisfying. Otherwise, I would rather they just wait until they can complete the remains eps. and air them all together.
Anonymous said…

I just watched it three times. I can't wait!
Jace Lacob said…

Yes, the eight episodes are related to the strike. Only eight scripts were completed before the WGA strike began though it was widely reported that Damon and Carlton had crafted a "mini-cliffhanger" into that eighth episode should production not be able to resume before the end of the season.

Short answer: if the strike ends soon, we could see the full 16 episodes; if it doesn't, then we're only getting eight episodes this season...
Kevin Sole said…


I don't think I could stand another cliffhanger so soon after the 3rd season finale. That was hard enough on my heart, y'know? :)

To think, I'll be buying the DVDs and watching those, witnessing that damn cliffhanger all over again before the new season starts.

*eats some aspirin* *watches trailer again*

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